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Plastering Supplies

Whether you are skimming, plaster-boarding, or bonding on a new wall construction, here at Wade, we can deliver all the plastering materials you need to finish the job. We have a full range of beading, additives, scrim tape, board, and other plastering accessories.


Our plasterboard prices are very competitive, even when the VAT is added. Our standard GTEC boards are 12.5mm thick and conform to all British Standards, including fire regulations.

The boards are square-edge, ideal for plastering, and sized at 2400mm x 1200mm (8’ x 4’) and can be delivered directly to site either by our transport or trusted logistic partners.

Scrim and Trim Plastering Supplies

Everbuild scrim tape by SIKA is self-adhesive and can be applied directly to plasterboard joints, and be used for repairs, and there’s no need to bed it in plaster, making it a great time-saver.

Wade can supply Expamet, Hook-on and other corner and stop beads to help you deliver a top-quality finish for customers. Delivered in multipacks of fifty and finished in galvanised steel they conform to all British quality regulations.

Plastering Materials

Febond Blue Grit comes highly recommended for renovation work in either domestic or commercial projects. It acts as a surface stabiliser and will provide a key for plaster on difficult surfaces such as old ceramic, concrete, or finished blockwork.

The maker, SIKA, suggests that it can even be used to provide a key over glass, plastic laminates and MDF.

For less challenging surfaces Wade has a range of contractor PVA for priming flaking, dry or absorbent surfaces. Use PVA to control dust and provide a stable surface before work begins.

A thinned coat of PVA is often used to prime plasterboard before applying a skim coat.

Plastering Accessories

Our heavy-duty black polythene plasterers’ bath can hold up to 165 litres, ample volume to get the job going. These baths are tough, won’t distort in extreme weather conditions and are ideal for safely storing tools and equipment in the back of a van.

These mixing tubs can handle pretty much anything you throw at them. They are virtually indestructible, which is the reliability you need on a construction site.

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