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Expamet 553 Thin Coat Angle Bead

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Supplied per box (50no. angle beads) 


Achieve professional, seamless finishes with the Expamet 553 Thin Coat Angle Bead, designed to streamline your drywall installation process. Also known as a drywall angle bead, this versatile product is an indispensable tool for any construction or renovation project.

Crafted with utmost precision and manufactured to the highest standards, the Expamet 553 Angle Bead provides exceptional strength, durability, and flexibility. Its innovative design ensures straight and crisp edges, offering a smooth transition between corners while protecting them from impact and wear.

It is 0.4mm thick and has a wing width of 22mm

Key Features:

  1. Superior Quality: Made from premium-grade materials, the Expamet 553 Thin Coat Angle Bead guarantees longevity and resilience. This robust construction ensures that your corners are safeguarded against damage, maintaining their pristine appearance for years.
  2. Easy Installation: The installation has never been simpler with the Expamet 553 Angle Bead. The lightweight design allows for effortless handling, saving you valuable time and effort during the fitting process.
  3. Seamless Integration: Achieve seamless finishes with the Expamet 553 Thin Coat Angle Bead. Its slim profile ensures minimal build-up, allowing for a flawless blending of the bead into the surrounding surface. Whether you're working on residential or commercial projects, this bead will enhance the overall aesthetics of your interior spaces.
  4. Length Options: The Expamet 553 Angle Bead is available in two convenient lengths to cater to your specific requirements. Choose between the 2.4m and 3m options, providing you with the flexibility to meet the dimensions of your project.
  5. Versatile Applications: This versatile drywall angle bead is suitable for various applications. Whether you're working on interior walls, ceilings, or external corners, the Expamet 553 Thin Coat Angle Bead ensures a professional and flawless finish every time.

Invest in the Expamet 553 Thin Coat Angle Bead and witness the transformation of your drywall installations. Achieve impeccable corners, durability, and ease of installation in one exceptional product. Trust Expamet for your construction needs and experience the difference in quality and performance.