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Timber Frame Lintels

Timber frame cavity wall lintels are a specialist category of lintels designed and supplied exclusively for timber frame construction. The big difference is that they are made to support an outer masonry leaf while being attached to the inner SIPS panel or sheathed interior timber frame.

At Wade, we have a selection of standard and heavy-duty lintels for every opening. All the lintels come with restraint fittings as standard that can either be nailed or screwed into position.

Stressline Timber Frame Lintels

Stressline is a well-known, established UK lintel manufacturer with a range of both standard and heavy-duty timber lintels.

Standard Timber Frame Lintel

The standard-duty lintel comes in 900mm up to 4800mm lengths in a 50mm depth or 90mm. These lintels are fully galvanised for extra protection and long life. Outer leaves are designed to handle 100mm brick or blockwork.

Heavy-Duty Timber Frame Lintel

The heavy-duty lintel is ideal for use where there are additional loadings such as a gable end or other obstruction or detail to deliver support to. Outer leaves can be sized to order. Just let our team know your requirements when you place your order.

Top Tip:

Fit a timber batten either along the entire length of a timber frame lintel or at least at mid-span, to prevent twisting, i.e. so that the flange remains flat and level to take masonry. If you do this as well as prop the lintel at 1m centres, you will be sure of a good finish.

Catnic Timber Frame Lintels

Catnic were the first company to bring steel lintels to the UK market back in the 1960s. Today they bring half a century or more of R&D to their timber frame lintel range.

The Catnic selection has a unique Duplex Corrosion Protection, which means that these lintels have a built-in damp-proof course. The restraints on the back of the lintel also allow for any vertical movement of the timber frame, taking pressure off the masonry outer leaf.

There are three main cavity sizes, 50mm, 70mm, and 90mm to fit every situation for openings from 600mm up to 4500mm.

Top Tip:

When ordering timber frame cavity lintels always allow two to three weeks for delivery to your site as they are not usually a stock item (except for the Catnic 50mm). Always check loadings and spans twice before you order to make sure to get exactly what you need for the project.

For technical help, call or email our team at Wade today.

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