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At Wade, we understand that a safe site is a tidy site and that nothing ruins a decent piece of equipment faster than poor storage. Our range of metal stillages is designed to make sure that your kit gets the best chance at a long and useful life.


Scaffold Stillages

Working on a building site is a hazardous occupation. Scaffolders are there to make access to working areas safe, simple to get to, and straightforward to deliver materials to.

What some people don’t realize is that scaffold poles and fittings need to be looked after properly when not in use. When you have a site that is constantly progressing from one area to the next stock can sometimes get left behind, stacked in an awkward spot, or even buried under someone else’s stuff.

Stillages make the scaffolder’s job simpler, cleaner, and most of all, safer.

Pole Storage

With poles put together in a stillage that can be easily transported by a forklift, the chances of a scaffolder’s kit getting lost in the mud are reduced.

Put ledgers and braces in one stillage, putlogs in another, and your site crew will know exactly what’s on-site at a glance. If it's not all in a heap behind a stack of bricks, the site manager will be happy too.

Coupling Storage

A scaffold fitting bin is an essential piece of kit for transporting your couplers from yard to site, and then perfect for transport around the site and delivery to working areas and loading bays.

They are stackable too, so take up little space in a yard and are ready to go straight from storage to the job. They keep couplers and fittings out of the dirt and are easily moved by forklift or HIAB.

Fence Storage

Temporary fencing can come in for a lot of punishment on a building site, whether it’s the fault of the heavy machinery, the wind, or simply hard work with it being set up in one place and then moved to another. In between times, temporary fencing can also be vulnerable if it is not stacked properly.

The temporary fence stillage means that not only can the fence panels be kept in order, but they can also be relocated to wherever they are needed, quickly too.

The fence stillage is compatible with all current market leaders in temporary fencing and can hold up to thirty panels at a time. It has detachable posts that are relocatable to cater to different-size fences, and it has a pair of forklift channels for easy lifting.

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