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Thermally Broken Lintels

At Wade, we understand the importance of compliance so you can count on our range of Catnic thermally broken lintels to fit the required specification. We can supply lintels for every situation, standard, heavy-duty, or extra-heavy-duty.

When you need to be Part L compliant, at Wade, we have your back. We understand the regulations and their requirements and can make the maze of specifications simple to stick to.

How is a Thermally Broken Lintel Different?

A thermally broken lintel is simply a supporting member that has been designed to limit the transmission of heat through a wall. Cavity walls are filled with foam board or mineral wool insulation, and a thermally broken lintel will be specified to combat cold bridging.

Standard Duty Lintels

The Catnic name has been associated with innovation in steel lintel manufacture since the 1960s in the UK. The Part L compliant range of thermally broken lintels is simply the next step in advancing construction technology.

The TS90 Lintel works in exactly the same way as any other regular 100mm lintel. There is no new fitting method, just install it as you would any other regular cavity lintel. The only difference is that the steel lintel is not continuous between the inner and outer leaves.

Available in standard sizes from 750mm to 3300mm, whatever size you require, Wade can get it delivered to your job at a time that works for you.

Heavy-Duty Lintels

For bigger jobs, where the loads are heavier, the TH90/100 is the next step up. Available, and in stock in several standard sizes from 900mm to 2400mm, this galvanized lintel will serve well in maritime and other challenging environments.

Wade can supply Part L compliant thermally broken cavity lintels in a range of cavity sizes too. Get in touch to find out how quickly we can deliver.

Extra-Heavy-Duty Lintels

You may ask how something that is described as broken can ever be used in situations where there are severe point loadings and imposed loads of roof structures, trusses, etc. The TX90/100 is currently the only heavyweight lintel that can guarantee thermal regulation compliance at this level.

The CE marked TX90/100 also meets fire resistance criteria and requires no propping when installed and the mortar is curing. Available from 1200mm to 3300mm this lintel makes the difficult jobs easy.

Whenever you need a product to match your required specification just ask us here at Wade. We have a wide range of Part L and other compliant materials in stock at all times.