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Chapter 8 Barriers

At Wade, our Chapter 8 plastic pedestrian barriers are fully compliant with all UK road traffic laws and regulations. Used in conjunction with our traffic cones and other works protection products they will keep your project going in the right direction.


Make it Safe 

Keeping unauthorised persons out of harm's way is only part of the story. Pedestrians are good at finding shortcuts and simplified routes through the most complicated landscapes.

Chapter 8 Pedestrian barriers have been designed to be lightweight and flexible, without being too easy for either operatives or the public to disrupt. With their bright, warning colouring, and reflective panels, they are hard to ignore.

Use them to direct pedestrian traffic around working areas, away from hazards. Use with traffic cones if the walkway infringes upon a live carriageway.

Make it Easy

When ground conditions are poor and uneven consider using temporary walkway ground protection mats to help pedestrian access. The easier, cleaner, and more convenient a walkway appears, the more likely the public is to pick your preferred route through Chapter 8 fencing, rather than another informal, unauthorised route.

Make it Visible

When you need to make authorised walkways clear and visible on a large site these bright orange Chapter 8 barriers are hard to ignore. They also show up well on time-lapse and remote webcams, so if you need to monitor safety at a distance, these barriers are ideal for that situation.

At night, the reflective strip becomes immediately visible in headlights and reflects streetlamps. Ideal too in poor or low-light conditions.

Make it Compliant

For small works, on the street, pavement, or other public-facing areas, these barriers are fully compliant with the UK regulations governing usage and visibility. Twin them with a road traffic cone safety zone if directing pedestrians from a pavement and take care to mitigate changes in levels for mobility-impaired individuals.

Temporary public pedestrian walkways should be an absolute minimum of 1m in width and at least 1.5m where possible. Pedestrians must never be directed into hazardous situations, so take time to carefully plan, and take crossing points and kerbs into consideration, along with any access required by those fronting onto any street works.

Make it Coordinated

At Wade, our robust Chapter 8 2m long Firmus Barriers’ robust design means they can be used again and again. They are designed to be compatible with all other road safety chapter 8 systems, so if you already have a stock of barriers, these are sure to fit them.

The lightweight blow-moulded barriers are stackable and can be transported fifty at a time on double pallets.

Call or email us to discuss your needs today. Wade can deliver kerbside UK-wide to your schedule.