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Save on Facing Bricks with code BRICK15

Bricks and Blocks

At Wade, we have a range of bricks and blocks available for your traditionally built projects. We supply bricks from Ibstock, Wienerberger and Forterra in a selection of colours to match your build.

Facing Bricks, Engineering Bricks and Blocks

Our 100mm (4”) concrete blocks are a perfect workaday versatile product, ideal for internal walls, inner leaves, foundation walls and garden landscaping.

Buying bricks online is easy and delivery across the UK from Wade is fast and reliable too.

Ibstock Bricks

Sound familiar? Ibstock has been around for a long time in the UK. The brickmaker has been supplying the construction trade for more than 200 years. Their bricks are made in Britain from UK clay and other materials.

You could say that they are made of Britain! The range stocked at Wade is first and foremost the most popular brick types, the classic Grainger Antique Red, and the Bradgate Cream. These two mellow brick colours blend well with the British landscape.

Grainger Antique Red

These multicoloured red bricks are moulded to give them a pleasing texture. As they are made from natural materials there will be some variation from pack to pack, so be sure to mix pallets when building larger walls.

Bradgate Cream

These buff-coloured, sand-crease finish bricks, are perfect for highlights, or full-face walls. The light colour provides a great contrast to the traditional red brick while echoing the stone of older properties in the UK.

Forterra Bricks

Despite their European-sounding name Forterra began life in Britain in 1960 as part of Hanson UK. Butterfly and London Brick are now also part of the business.

Country Red Smooth

These bricks are a classic wire-cut red brick seen in factory walls and family houses the length and breadth of the country. Their smooth finish demands perfect perps for a neat and tidy finish. Definitely a choice for the better bricklayers out there!

Tame Valley Red

A textured choice from Forterra with specks of lighter colour giving a wall a natural look with some shade variation across a pallet. Usually paler than the heavier reds that are available.

Weinerberger Bricks

Probably the youngest brick-making company, Weinerberger is also one of the largest and most diverse construction suppliers. The company has its headquarters in Germany but has businesses worldwide, including brickmaking in the UK.

Class B Engineering Bricks

Every groundworker and most bricklayers will need to use engineering bricks at some point in a project. These bricks are resilient, A1 fire-rated, with a compressive strength of up to 75Nmm2. A first choice for the toughest jobs.

Caldera Red Multi

These bricks display a wide range of natural colour variation and texture that will break up a larger wall into a less solid block. The unique patterning sets it slightly apart from other contoured bricks.

Pembridge Red

For a deep consistent warm red, this is the brick to choose. Frost-resistant, they are ideal for garden landscaping as well as general face work.

Dense Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks do an essential job on our construction sites but are never seen at the end of a build. Still, we can’t do without them. These blocks are perfect for load bearing walls, beam and block floor construction and below-ground work.

At Wade, we can deliver pallets kerbside UK-wide. Get in touch either on the phone or by email to discuss your delivery needs.