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Febond General Purpose PVA | 5 Litres

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Febond General Purpose PVA

Feb PVA General purpose primer sealer and admixture is an economical quick drying adhesive, sealer and bonding agent and cement admixture which has many applications.

Feb General Purpose PVA is a multi purpose quick drying PVA adhesive, sealer and bonding agent and cement admixture which has many applications in the building and DIY markets.

Bonds a wide variety of building materials including wood, plaster, concrete and ceramics.

Typical Uses

  • As an adhesive for most common building materials Feb General Purpose PVA will bond most common building materials to themselves and to each other.
  • As a bonding agent for cement screeds and render, plaster and concrete.
  • Feb General Purpose PVA will bond cement screeds, rendering and plaster to most sound surfaces such as concrete, stone and brick and new concrete to old without the need for abrading the surface to form a key.
  • As an admixture for mortar and an admixture in cements sand and granolithic screeds Feb General Purpose PVA enables thin, joint-less floor toppings to be laid.
  • As a sealing coat applied to porous concrete renders, plaster, plasterboard and granolithic floors as a sealer, Feb General Purpose PVA minimises dusting.

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