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Concrete Barriers

At Wade, we take security seriously, and things don’t come much more serious than our range of concrete security barriers. Whether you require temporary protection, or something more permanent, we can help maximise your site security in a concrete way.

Permanent Barriers

For low-maintenance perimeter or pedestrian protection, concrete is a cost-effective choice.


The Wade Bollards are cast with high-strength, resilient 50N/mm2 concrete that hides a loop of M10 rebar that gives it an extra point of reference for defence against vehicle incursions. At 91 kg, and 1370mm in height, they are no lightweights and can take minor vehicle collisions with ease, but once damaged should be replaced.

Temporary Barriers

Our temporary concrete barrier range is designed for swift deployment by forklift and is ready to protect a site from unauthorised incursions by vehicle traffic from the moment it is put in place.

Jersey Barriers

The concrete Jersey Barrier is produced in 2.5m lengths and can be slotted together to create a vehicle-proof wall that can safely segregate carriageways from working areas. Weighing in at 1450kg, once they are in place, these concrete road barriers are there to stay until redeployed or removed.

Sometimes referred to as a concrete step barrier, they are designed to minimise vehicle damage if contact is made in a live carriageway while preventing crossover into a working area. Ideal for roadworks where long-term improvements or ongoing excavation or utility works require long to medium-term duration protection.

Vertical Concrete Barrier

This concrete barrier is ideal for carriageway protection or where high-value or security-vulnerable working conditions are in progress. The concrete block barriers are 2135mm long and are designed to be bolted together for extra strength.

They weigh in at 2500kg, which makes them a professional defensive statement against incursion by hostile vehicles, or when road conditions identify a possible threat of accident or incident beyond normal control parameters.

Order a pair of vertical concrete barriers to effectively secure a perimeter gate that has been taken out of use or other redundant means of vehicular access.

Tank Trap Barrier

The pyramid tank trap barrier consists of a row of 850 x 850mm 50N/mm2 interlocking concrete triangular pyramids designed to stop incursion by hostile vehicles or as a deterrent to using unauthorised access routes.

Easily sited by forklift, and less expensive than vertical barrier deterrents this high-finish concrete barrier unit gives semi-permanent public event vehicle control a professional finish. Used by festivals, display events to prevent vehicle theft, MOD sites and power stations, they weigh in at up to 2500kg.

Call or email for technical advice and to place your order for rapid UK-wide kerbside delivery.

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