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Temporary Fence Gates and Hoarding Access

At Wade, we have a wide range of temporary fencing gates to suit your site hoarding requirements. Security is always top of the list of access needs, as is safety.


Temporary Fence Gates and Hoarding Access

Our temporary fence gate options are designed with resilient, robust details, that will keep working for you for the duration of your project.

Pedestrian Gates

Our range starts with the stand-alone galvanised temporary fencing anti-climb pedestrian gate that can slot in seamlessly with any configuration of fence or hoarding. It is ideal for securing segregated areas within a compound or as main pedestrian access.

Upgrade to an in-panel gate, a robust alternative that fits seamlessly into your fence line, perfect for events as well as construction sites.

For ultimate pedestrian security use our Digi-lock gate, a robust, powder-coated carbon steel security gate to effectively restrict site access.

The Wade temporary fence and hoarding range also extends to solid panel hoarding, for when visual security is also required.

Vehicle Gates

Wade’s anti-climb mesh vehicle gates come in two sizes, 4.2 and 7m, to give you flexibility. Wider gateways are ideal if the site requires a large volume of articulated vehicle deliveries.

The solid-panel alternative vehicle gates come in two different heights, 2 and 2.4m so you can choose a level of privacy. Wind loadings are higher for solid panel gates, which can make them harder to handle on blustery days.

Setting Up Your Temporary Fence and Access

Wade’s Temporary hoarding is designed to secure an area from unauthorised access and can be set up, altered, adapted, and taken down again quickly. Its versatility is its strength; however, it must be set up properly if it is to be used to its full potential.

  • Use at least two couplers to join one panel to another, or a panel to a gate. Using just one coupler will make it easy to lift the panel out of its rubber boot.
  • Always install the couplers from inside the area to be secured so that the nuts are not accessible.
  • If your site is in an exposed area secure your hoarding with rope, ballast or stays to prevent wind damage.
  • Set your vehicle gates up in a position where you can guarantee maximum visibility for delivery drivers, with a safe area for your gate person to manage vehicle movements.
  • Set your pedestrian gate up in a position close to site offices and welfare facilities to prevent operatives from taking shortcuts through vehicle gates or other unsafe routes.
  • Ensure your access points are clearly visible with cones or signs, both inside and outside your hoarding fence.

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