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Mortar Tubs

At Wade, we try to cover the scope and scale of the thousands of construction projects across the UK. Our range of mortar tubs is designed to be tough enough to take on all comers and perfect for when a site is too big to make a wheelbarrow a practical... Read More

A mortar tub can help get your material delivered to wherever it is required, and at the end of the day, you can use it to clear a working area of brickbats, dried mortar, and other waste.

You can use a mortar tub to transport almost anything across a site with the aid of a forklift. Concrete, plaster, render, or even water can be taken to where it’s needed in a mortar tub.

While they are hard-wearing, they are hard-working too. Should a mortar tub get damaged, split, and perhaps leak, most of the time it will still be good for moving dry material or rubbish, so don’t get rid of it!

250L Forklift Mortar Tub

The 250-litre forklift mortar tub is ribbed for extra toughness and rigidity. It’s UV-resistant too, which means it will last longer when exposed to long hours in the sun. Designed to give years of service, this mortar tub represents a real investment in your bricklaying business.

The forklift slots are moulded onto the body in such a way that they are guaranteed to keep the tub in contact with the forks at all times. This mortar tub is perfect when your scaffold loading bays are particularly high, or the extending forks need to be used at maximum reach.

Top Tip:

Safety and security of a load are most important when working at height, and these mortar tubs will pass any SHEQ assessment with flying colours. If you can specify them in your RAMS when working for a main contractor you won’t go wrong.

ECO Mortar Tub

The ECO mortar tub comes in a standard white MDPE with forklift mouldings on the bottom that aren’t enclosed but are perfectly adequate for low-level work. They are tough and made for heavy masonry work all around site and are well-priced for when you need more than one gang serviced at a time.

Traditional Mortar Tub

The traditional mortar tub doesn’t come with a forklift capability but can be moved around site if it is on a pallet. Perfect for mixing by hand or keeping a mortar or cement mix contained. A good, solid choice that is lightweight and easy to handle when empty.

Top Tip:

Don’t forget to wash out your mortar tubs at the end of the shift the same way you would clean out a mixer to ensure it lasts as long as possible and doesn’t contaminate the next mix!

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