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Traffic Cones

Traffic management is a key concern on any site whether there are parking conditions to observe, traffic movement by neighbouring residents or businesses, and all this before we even start thinking about the deliveries the site will require.


Traffic cones are essential. Widely recognised by all road users and enforcement agencies, they are excellent at highlighting road damage, hazardous areas, parking zones and demarcating changes in road conditions or use.

Size Matters

It’s often thought that bigger is better when talking about traffic cone sizes, but there is a regulation difference. Bigger might be better for visibility, especially in some site conditions, however, regulations state that in low-speed situations a 500mm traffic cone is the right size to pick.

750mm traffic cones are used in conditions where speeds greater than 50mph are expected. However, on most construction sites in the UK traffic is usually held to between 5 and 15mph, which means the regs are less important than the visibility levels required for delivery drivers.

The other thing that might sway the decision of which might work best is the fact that the larger cones are heavier and less easy to relocate, which is ideal if you want to deter unauthorised changes or use of the cones.

Colour Coordination

At Wade, all our cones are road-legal and ready to go, recognised by both the public and enforcement agencies. When you buy traffic cones from Wade, you can be certain that they are fully compliant with current legislation.


The orange road traffic cones come in both 500mm and 750mm standard sizes with a reflective strip and are stackable and moulded in one piece. These cones are ideal for controlling traffic movements for roadworks, contraflow, or Section 278 works.

Use them to direct traffic into or out of your construction project and to demark parking or delivery routes.


Our yellow therma plastic No-Waiting Zone traffic cones are made from recycled plastic and designed to remain in place in the face of high winds. These cones are perfect for construction sites, or outdoor events where parking needs to be tightly controlled.

These traffic cones are 450mm tall and weigh 3kg, with a low centre of gravity to keep them in place.


Genuine JSP Dominator two-piece traffic cones in green are recommended for site entrances from live carriageways. The colour change is designed to let motorists know when to slow down and look out for oncoming traffic.

Coupled with site signage, the green traffic cone should help drivers identify where normal road conditions change.

Demarcation Poles

Red and white, or yellow and black telescopic demarcation poles are designed as a fast way to segregate areas when excavations or spoil movements change quickly on a project. Link traffic cones in any direction, box off areas or quickly alter pedestrian routes as hazards change.