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Chemicals, Sealants & Adhesives

Whether you need an anti-frost admixture for your mortar, a quick-grab adhesive, or a specialist sealant Wade can supply what you need. We work with international industry leaders SIKA to deliver the materials you need to keep your site moving.


Construction Chemicals Aren’t Complicated

From brick cleaners to concrete dustproofers, these products do exactly what it says it does on the container.

Some construction chemical cleaning agents can be abrasive, so it is a good idea to wear proper hand and eye protection when you use these products.

Mixing Construction Chemicals In

On cold, damp days, if there is a risk of overnight frost, add Everbuild Accelerator and Frost Proofer to give peace of mind. It’s less frustrating or costly than a rebuild.

You can use a plasticizing admixture if a cold spell is forecast or simply to make a mortar or plaster finish easier to work with.

However, always use hessian protection if the thermometer is going in the wrong direction. It helps prevent frost by allowing moisture to escape while stopping condensation from forming on the brickwork.

Painting Construction Chemicals On

A dustproofing construction chemical will prevent blooming or efflorescence, leaving your slab with a clean, dust-free finish. The 403 Premium Concrete Hardener and Dust Proofer is a fast-action chemical that will get to work straight away.

It comes in 25-litre containers and is good for two coats over 12 square metres, which you can use over screed or paving too.

For outdoor areas SIKA Patio Seal has a fungicide to prevent mould growth, keeping the pavers looking good for longer.

But don’t forget to clean up properly before you seal anything. You can use a Brick Cleaner outdoors to remove cement and mortar stains.

Using Construction Sealants and Adhesives

Cartridge-applied adhesives, commonly known as mastics and deployed with a gun, have revolutionised some parts of the construction industry. SIKA’s Pink Grip, and white alternative, are excellent all-weather, indoor and out grab adhesives.

The solvent-free, white version of Pink Grip is better for indoor use or areas where there may be restricted ventilation.

Wade also stocks general-purpose sealant, and the Tecnic 825 developed specifically for expansion joints.

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