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Traffic Management Barriers

At Wade, we understand how important it is to ensure safe segregation between moving plant, vehicles, and pedestrians. Our range of traffic management systems has been tried and tested across the UK and continues to successfully deliver safety where it is needed most.

Water Barriers

Water-filled barriers are the versatile, handleable, alternative to concrete vehicle barriers while remaining robust, and immovable when it matters. Supplied in red and white alternating colours, they are highly visible, and rapidly adaptable as site parameters change.

Clear demarcation of vehicle routes makes your site banksman’s life easier as delivery drivers can immediately see the limitations of a site’s haul road, and pedestrians can be kept apart.

Top Tip:

Ensure the barriers are fully filled with water to weigh them down before attaching banners, information boards, warning signs or debris netting to any anti-climb fencing, to prevent the barriers from being moved by the effect of wind.

These barriers are also excellent for demarking site boundaries with the addition of wire mesh, and anti-climb fencing. When the boundary is changeable, whether due to progressive 278 works, or site access issues, these water-filled barriers can be drained and re-sited as required.

Top Tip:

When using mesh fencing as part of a site boundary it’s always a good idea to double-clip them from the inside of the site to prevent them from being lifted out of the water barriers.

Height Barriers

If there are height restrictions on a site, perhaps access is restricted by existing overhead powerlines or a bridge or other structure, then the price of impact can be high. To avoid costly collisions, rather than leaving it to hope and chance, the risk can be mitigated by setting up a telescopic height restriction barrier.

These barriers can be supplied up to over 7 metres in height with either replaceable bunting, or a solid bar. Either way, for best results these should be monitored. Tipping vehicles that arrive to deliver aggregates, or skip lorries are both high-height risks.

Managing Vehicle Access

Your site will probably have a set of external site gates to manage access on and off the job, but on some occasions, such as mass muckaway, monitoring access may require additional help. If client conditions demand a wheel wash, or the restriction of traffic movements for other reasons, then a manual arm barrier will do the job.

These are ideal for long-term projects that require careful segregation and traffic management.

Pedestrian Solutions

For the management of pedestrians, form safe walkways with posts and chains, or Chapter Eight barriers.

Contact us to find out how quickly we can get your project traffic management solution to your team on the ground.