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Pedestrian Safety Barriers

A basic safety requirement on any busy site is safe access for pedestrians. Segregating delivery vehicles, plant, and machinery from site staff, construction workers, and visitors should be straightforward.   

Wade can supply as many pedestrian safety barriers as you need, whether you are setting up a major project or simply separating localised working areas from public access.

Delivering safe working conditions for everyone, whatever your project size, is not a problem.

Protecting the Public

Our pedestrian barriers come in a range of colours, perfect for branding purposes, highlighting a particular area, or perhaps a change in direction.

Crowd control equipment can take banners, other branding, directional signage and can be relocated as a project progresses.

In exposed, or sensitive areas, you can use a ballast bag to effectively double the weight of a panel and help secure it in place. These items are securely strapped to the bottom of a pedestrian barrier, perfect for public-facing protection.

Which Pedestrian Safety Barrier is Right for Your Project?

Standard Ped Barrier

The standard fixed-leg barrier is the most popular choice, easy to clip together, and light at just 10kg. The barriers are 2.3m long, making them manageable when installed by a single operative or labourer.

Their ease of handling also makes them versatile, ideal for when site conditions change as a project progresses.

As well as the standard galvanised silver, all our barriers come in a range of seven other powder coat finishes too.

Heavy-Duty Ped Barrier

If you require pedestrian barriers that will last longer in tough conditions, then Wade can supply heavy-duty barriers put together with Smartweld technology. They are a favourite with hire companies as they stand up well to the rigours of site life.

When directing the public around a working area, coupled with ballast bags, the heavy-duty safety barriers are more likely to remain in position.

The Barrier Walk-Through

Wade’s pedestrian safety barrier range gives you the option to choose a walk-through panel designed to direct foot traffic at crossing and entry points.

Supplied with or without a self-closing gate to control pedestrian flow, these panels come in red only and are 2.5m wide.

Trade Enquiries

Should your business require a large amount of crowd control barrier, then we also have a trade option for bulk ordering. Call us direct to discuss your needs.

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