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Temporary Fence Panels

For security, or privacy, on a construction site or event, at Wade, we understand what you need to achieve that secure perimeter. Our stock of standard and anti-climb temporary fencing is tough, durable, flexible, and fast to set up, getting your security needs met quickly.


Our range of temporary fence panels is designed for ease of assembly. No special training or expertise is required to put a fence line together.

Standard Temporary Fence Panels

Our Eco-Standard fence panel is perfect for when you need to set up a perimeter to a deadline. The panels are light and easy to handle, but when clipped together and set in their rubber blocks you will have a secure, 2-meter-high metal fence.

The galvanised temporary fencing panels are designed to withstand any weather that the UK climate can throw at them.

Wind Loading Tips

The wide mesh design means the temporary fence panels have a low wind loading. If you want to attach banners or other signboards or sheet material such as debris netting, then it is a good idea to brace the temporary fencing.

Pegging the rubber foundation boots is one way to secure temporary fence panels against the wind, or weighing them down individually with concrete blocks can also deliver results.

Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing Panels

For additional security and access control trade up to the anti-climb range of temporary fencing. The square-top anti-climb fence panels are high-quality British-made fence panels that will frustrate attempts to top them.

Crowd control is important, and when you are running an event people can be unpredictable. Our round-top panels are a smooth answer to anyone tempted to counter efforts to keep people safe.

The rounded corners are perfect for festivals as there is less for potential climbers to hold onto when trying to get over the 2-meter-high barriers. They are a great way to segregate essential equipment, backstage areas, and facilities from other controlled spaces.

Ultimate Privacy and Security

For privacy, segregation of services and determined demarcation, order a set of solid hoarding panels. They are heavier than the wire mesh panels and less wide, but they can be fully integrated with all the other panels supplied by us at Wade.

Use them to create a solid temporary barrier, to close a gate, or a gap between buildings. These solid hoarding panels are also rated anti-climb and slot together quickly and easily to prevent unwanted access super-fast.

Talk to Wade

If you want something a little bit special, perhaps there’s a particular branding colour you would like to consider, then Wade can supply fencing that is powder-coated coated too. Speak to our sales team to find out more.

Get in touch with us today to find out how quickly your site, or event, can be secured.

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