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Gas and Electric Meter Boxes

At Wade, our GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) outside meter boxes for either electricity or gas are fully British Standard compliant. We have a selection of recessed or surface-mounted meter boxes to suit any site specification.


Why Do I Need an Outside Meter Box?

Gas and electric meter boxes are designed to provide access to the supply of either electricity or gas to a utility provider without requiring access to the interior of a building. They are an essential, secure, and weatherproof part of a new building’s infrastructure.

A utility company will need to regularly check a meter to ensure the occupier is accurately billed. A meter box, sited on the outside of a building, ensures that this equipment is safe and accessible.

Recessed Meter Boxes

Recessed gas and electric meter boxes are available for either domestic or commercial and industrial applications. The only real difference is the size of the unit.

When building in a recessed meter box, or creating an opening for one, Wade can supply a specialist meter box lintel designed specifically for the job. The lintel is hot dip galvanised structural grade steel which means it will last longer.

Surface Mounted Meter Boxes

Surface-mounted gas and electric meter boxes are ideal for locations where services are being retrofitted to a building, or when services are connected in a remote, or communal stand-alone location.

Meter Box Design

All of Wade’s meter boxes are glass reinforced plastic (GRP), or fibreglass, which is easy to clean, and are chemical and dirt resistant. However, they can also take a paint finish if there is a need to make them blend in.

All meter boxes are compliant with British Standard BS 8567:2012, are class 2 fire retardant, and come complete with timber backboard, hinges, lock, and key as standard.

The GRP weatherproof construction means that the meter housing will not corrode.

Lockable meter boxes not only protect the utilities from the weather but also provide security from tampering, theft or vandalism.

What Else Do I Need?

Apart from any lintel or cavity tray requirements, a meter box may require a hockey stick conduit to take the service into the building. These are perfect for either surface-mounted or recessed meter boxes and can be used either externally or within a wall cavity.