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Single Leaf Lintels

At Wade, we have a wide range of single-leaf lintels available from meter cupboard lintels to brick and blockwork standard duty lintels for garage and outhouse, workshop or stable.

Birtley Meter Box and Single Leaf Lintels

The Birtley meter box lintel is 750mm x 100mm, designed to support the outer leaf of a brick or blockwork wall above a recessed GRP meter housing. This single-leaf lintel is hot-dip galvanised for extra protection and longer life.

Birtley makes a standard duty lintel with a top flange and a 93mm base with a drip. This range has limitations on its safe working load, so it is always a good idea to check load tables to make sure you have the right specification for your job.

For a step up, heavier-duty standard applications will benefit from upgrading the specification to a Birtley EV100 lintel. If you have a gable end over a garage door, then a 3150 to a 3600 lintel can take on a 30kN load.

Catnic Single Leaf Lintels

Catnic’s standard duty ANG single-leaf lintels start at 900mm and are available up to 3900mm, which makes them the perfect choice for garage doors, personnel doors or windows in a garage or workshop situation.

The ANG stands for angle. Apart from a drip on the leading edge of the lintel, they are a very simple design. The vertical section sits flush with the internal masonry wall.

The CCS lintel, by contrast, is C-shaped, which gives it an added level of strength. A standard duty CCS Catnic lintel is perfect for larger openings, up to 4.8m and heavier loadings up to 20kN.

Stressline Single Leaf Lintels

The Stressline Standard Duty Angle Lintel is a top choice for all lighter-duty applications. The design is simple, but it has different heights for the vertical, from 115mm to 225mm depending upon the length.

This feature simply adds strength to the lintel over distance but should be factored in if there is restricted headroom above an opening.

The SL100 range is another standard-duty C-shaped lintel that sits comfortably within the leaf of the external wall. Available in sizes up to 2.1m it’s also just 156mm high, good for two courses of brickwork.

The medium-duty version takes three courses of brickwork and is the top choice for those difficult areas that need a lot of support. In an opening of up to 1300mm, it can take on up to 57kN.

Talk to our technical engineers if you need any help to work out what you need. At Wade, we have the experience and know-how to help your project to a successful finish.