Lintels Questions & Answers

If you cannot find the answer you need in our FAQ's. We have a Team of Technical Experts who will be able to Answer any Lintel Questions for you.

Lintels Support the Wall above Doors & Windows. They are the Load Bearing structural element that spans an opening.

Lintels come in all sizes and can be Custom Made for Bespoke Designs, including Bi-Folding Doors.

There are a few things to consider when selecting your Lintel, But the main Points are Wall Construction, Length Load and Load Ratio.

Our Technical Experts can Help with Recommendations, Review Drawings & Plans and interpret Load Tables

Your Structural Engineer or Architect will usually recommend which Lintel to use. The Key Difference is a Steel Lintel tends to be used within the Wall whilst fair-faced Concrete Lintels are visible.

Concrete Lintels are also a Better Option when Building Below Ground, as Steel Underground may be more prone to Moisture.

Lintels have Load Recommendations and Categorised into Loads as part of the Selection Process.

The main Loads to look out for are Masonry, Roof Loads, Attic Trusses, Floor Loads, Joists, Live Loads both Commercial & Residential.

You can Cut Naylor Concrete Lintels on Site as they are Prestressed. Please ensure you check the Manufacturer's Guide for Cutting or check with our Lintel Expert Team.

All the Lintel Manufacturers who Supply to us are required to comply with Strict EU/UK Laws.

All Manufacturers must pass External Testing to achieve the CE Mark and provide a Declaration of Performance.

We recommend you do. Lay your Damp Proof Course over the Lintel and Outer Brickwork.

Cavity Tray's can also be Used

Weep Vents are also ideal for preventing Moisture Build-Up.

Our Technical Team can answer any question you have on Regulation.

As a General Rule, Steel Lintels should have a minimum end Bearing of 150mm, levelled and bedded on Mortar.

Masonry above the Lintel should follow BS EN 1996-2:2006 Regulations

Please Contact our Specialist Lintel Technical Team who will be able to assist.

We have Close Relationships with all Manufacturers and can Order Custom & Bespoke Lintels for any Project.

Our Lintel Experts have a combined 25 years of experience and are fully qualified to assist.

We can Review any plans or drawings and Speak with your Architects and Engineers if required.