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How to Install Cavity Closers

YBS easi-close Cavity Closers are the Perfect Solution for sealing Cavities in Door and Window Openings.

YBS Cavity Closers are cost-effective, but they are also easy to fit and come with a continuous insulation fill for Thermal Efficiency.

Fit your Cavity Closer in Five Steps 

Step One

Measure your Window / Door Opening.

Step Two
Cut to Required Length.
Step Three
Measure the Cavity Opening.
Step Four
Cut your Cavity Closer Insulation to the Correct Width for your Cavity. 
Step Five 
Press the Insulation Side into your Opening. 
Fix the Plastic Flange using Clout Nails or Grab Adhesive.
YBS Cavity Closers exceed Building Regulations minimum Thermal Resistance Path. 
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