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Crowd Control Barriers for Sporting Events

Crowd Control Barriers for Sporting Events

Sporting Events take a lot of Organisation, and a Crowd Control System is likely to be top of the Organiser’s list.

High Profile Sporting Events take place throughout the World, the biggest of which include The Olympics and The World Cup.

The vast majority of Events will require Crowd Control Barriers to protect the Athletes and The General Public.

For Sporting Events located in Stadiums, Crowd Control Barriers are likely to be used to control Pedestrian Traffic flow and Filter Crowds in an Orderly fashion towards Entrance and Exit Points.

Whilst, Events such as a Marathon or Cycle Race will need more Crowd Barriers for Long lengths of the Course.

Smaller Events and even Micro Sporting Events will likely utilise Pedestrian Barriers.

In addition to Crowd Control, Organisers may use Barriers to Separate opposing Teams or create a Team Area or Athlete Area.

Benefits of Crowd Barriers at your Sporting Event

There are many benefits to using Crowd Control Barriers at your Sporting Event, including;

  • Safety & Security

Crowd Control Barriers immediately create a Safer Environment for Athletes and the General Public.

The Crowd Control Barrier design is robust, sturdy, and difficult for Pedestrians and Spectators to move.

Fixed Leg Barriers are designed to stay upright, and the Barrier Bars prevent Children or Animals from Slipping through and will provide Enhanced Safety for Spectators, Organisers and Athletes.

  • Cost

Fixed Leg Barriers are Cost effective and can be Purchased or Hired.

Temporary Fencing Suppliers will provide you with Quotations and offer Services, including Delivery and Collection on a Range of Barriers.

Why not recover some Costs by offering Advertising?

Advertising Covers or a Sign can be placed over a Barrier to raise awareness of your Own Brand or Sporting Event or to recoup money by selling the Space for Advertising.

  • Flexibility

Crowd Control Barriers are highly versatile and can adapt to your Sporting Event Requirements.

Quick and Easy to install using a Hook and Eye System, A Barrier can be adjusted or Quickly Removed in an emergency.

This allows you to manage and Optimise your Control Barriers on your site and restrict or allow pedestrians to access certain areas.

Barriers can be Stacked and are easy to Store.

  • Quality

Fixed Leg Barriers are manufactured from Galvanised Steel and are resistant to Rust.

No Tools are needed to install Control Barriers, and they are available in a range of Colours which help with Passive Signalling when installed.

  • Regulation and Laws

Falling foul of Laws and regulations could result in a Hefty Fine or even a criminal offence.

In addition, you will have a Duty to Protect the Public.

The Health and Safety Executive offers a wealth of Advice and Information on Managing Crowds Safely.


If you attend or arrange Sport. You are likely to come across a Barrier being used effectively to keep everyone Safe.

Our Team of Temporary Fencing Experts can assist with Planning, Product, Budget, Delivery and Collection.

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