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Spotlight on YBS Easi Close

About YBS Insulation

YBS has been manufacturing insulation in the UK for over Twenty Five Years.

Specialising in Innovative Design and Manufacturer, YBS Insulation offers easy to install cost-effective insulation systems which can be used on both Domestic and Commercial Buildings.

YBS Insulation Products include;

  • Cavity Closers

  • Reflective multifoil insulation

  • Foil Membrane Insulation

YBS Manufacturer over two million metres of Insulation every year, and have nearly three thousand Approved Stockists in the UK.

Take a look inside the YBS Insulation Factory.

We will focus on YBS Insulation's top-selling product, the easi-close insulated cavity closer.

What are Insulated Cavity Closers?

Cavity Closers are installed in a Cavity Wall where there is a Window Frame or Door Frame.

Benefits of a Cavity Closer include the Prevention of

  • Heat Loss

  • Condensation

  • Water Ingress

  • Damp

The YBS Insulation Cavity Closer has many additional benefits to a standard Cavity Closer, including Continuous insulation fill.

What is Continuous Insulation Fill?

A Universal Cavity closer featuring a layer of insulation that meets minimal thermal resistance standards and reduces thermal loss around windows and doors.

A plastic closer with a continuous insulation fill is a huge benefit when planning to Insulate your Building.

Universal Cavity Closers

The Easi-Close by YBS is a fully rigid plastic closer for continuous insulation fill.

The YBS Insulation easi-close can be used on various cavity sizes and comes in two profiles, including;

Suitable for Masonry Walls and features include;

  • Pre Cut Grooves

  • Meets Building Regulations

  • Flexible Seal

  • Independently Tested

  • Meets the latest industry standards

  • BDA Kiwa certificate

Fitting your Fully Rigid Plastic Cavity Wall Closer

YBS Insulation has designed the easi close with installation in mind, and whether using a Professional Builder or planning to fit yourself, the process is relatively pain-free.

Your Closer can be installed in various ways and meet current Building Regulations.


  • Built-in as Work Progresses

  • Tack to the Window Frame if Built-in

  • Installation after Reveal Construction


Vertical Jointing 

The joints should be tightly butted at forty-five degrees downwards towards the outer leaf to stop water penetration.

Corner Jointing 

When jointing horizontal to vertical, ensure you trim both PVC Flanges and allow the vertical to extend below the horizontal to stop water ingress.

The Five Stages of Fitting 

Measure the Windows or Doors Opening.

Cut Profile to your required length.

Measure your Cavity Opening.

Cut insulation to correct width using the pre-cut groove. Do not cut the Outer Shell.

Press the insulation side into the Opening, fixing the plastic flange using Clout, Nails or Grab Adhesive.

Take a look at this handy Video demonstrating fitting.

YBS Insulation is the perfect choice for insulating your home and keeping your Building warm.

With the recent increases in our Energy Bills and our efforts to reduce climate change, Insulation is the key to lowering our expenses whilst protecting our future.

YBS Insulation Products can be used;

  • In The Home

  • Lofts/Walls/Hot or Cold Water Tanks

  • Line Storage Cupboards

  • In our Conservatory

  • Motor homes

  • Boats

  • Garage Doors

  • Shed Insulation

  • Summer House Insulation

  • Home Office Insulation

  • Dog Kennels

  • Stables

  • Green Houses

  • Pipe Works

  • Radiator Foil

U Values 

Your Buildings U Value is based on performance and the transmission of heat from a warm space to a cold space.

This could be through any Gap or Roof and Floor.

You can check your U Value Calculation here using the YBS U Value Calculator.

Our Help and Advice Page can help with Fitting and Product Information. 

YBS Insulation is tackling Sustainability and our Buildings Challenges by using Technology to design practical products which make a difference.


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