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Thermal Insulation, Fire and Acoustic Insulation

Insulation is a key element in modern construction, whether building new, or extending or renovating an existing building. Thermal, fire and acoustic performance is important in both commercial and residential projects, and at Wade, we have everything you need.

Thermal Insulation

PIR Board Insulation

Celotex insulation board (PIR) is one of the highest-performing foam board insulation products on the market with twice the insulating capability of polystyrene. It is light, easy to handle and it can be cut with a regular hand saw.

PIR has excellent insulating properties and is certified by the BBA and BRE, with a Green Guide A-rating. Water and fire-resistant, and with high compressive strength and structural rigidity, it is perfect for cavity wall, floor and roof works.

At Wade, we supply PIR boards in 50mm, 100mm and 150mm thicknesses to suit any construction requirements.

Top Tip:

Celotex boards should always be sealed at the joints and edges to ensure continuity of insulation performance.

Mineral Wool Insulation

Knauf Dritherm insulation for cavity wall insulation has excellent water-resistant properties and is most impressive when it comes to fire safety. This mineral wool insulation has a class-A1 fire rating, which means it will not burn even when directly exposed to a flame.

Due to its high fire rating, there is no need to use cavity barriers when using Dritherm as a full-fill insulator. The slabs are also sized to fit between the wall ties, so you won’t need to add retaining discs to the wall ties as you go.

Wade supplies Dritherm in both 100mm and 150mm thicknesses.

Sound Insulation

Mineral Wool Insulation

Rockwool sound insulation slabs are designed to fit between the internal stud walls of office or residential developments and also have excellent fire-retardant qualities with an A1 rating.

Building Regulations in the UK demand a minimum level of sound insulation in new-build UK homes and 50mm of Rockwool will easily achieve this. For other areas, such as bathroom walls, garages or meeting rooms a higher level of soundproofing may be required.

For these locations, Wade also supplies Rockwool insulation slabs at 75mm and 100mm.

Top Tip:

When cutting any form of insulation, PIR board or mineral wool, always wear a mask to protect your airway as the particles released may cause irritation.

Cavity Closers

Firezero fire socks protect against fire and inhibit its spread between floor levels or neighbouring properties in a cavity wall. Used to block fire for up to one hour they may be specified at the top of party walls in a terrace or semi-detached development.

Cavalock and YBS are two cavity closer suppliers that supply closers for window and door openings. These products stop moisture ingress into a cavity and provide continuous insulation.