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YBS Easi-Close Multi Width Cavity Closer 50mm to 100mm x 2.4m

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50mm-100mm Cavity Wall Closer 

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Cavity wall closers are the best way to ensure that window and door openings in cavity walls are currently compliant with Part L of the UK Building Regulations. At Wade, we can deliver 100mm cavity closers kerbside to your project location.

YBS Easiclose Key Features 

  • Cavity's Can be Easily Cut using pre-cut Grooves
  • Suitable for Masony Walls
  • Innovative YBS EasiClose Design
  • 2.4m Long
  • 50mm - 100mm
  • Continuous Insulation Fill
  • Meets Industry Standards
  • Minimal Thermal Resistance 
  • Market Leading Product
  • Rigid Plastic Closer 
  • Will fit Various Cavity Sizes
  • Suitable for Masonry Walls 
  • Ten Widths over Two Profiles 
  • Meets Building Regulations for Minimal Thermal Resistance 
  • Independently Tested
  • Download Fitting Technical Guide

Why Do I Need Cavity Closers?

Cavity closers are the best way to ensure that the window and door openings on your project are pulling their weight when it comes to securing the thermal energy requirements of a new build or refurbishment.

The Part L Regulations will require a photograph of the cavity closers in place submitted on completion for sign-off by the local Building Control Office.

Top Tip:

If the windows and doors are being built-in as the masonry progresses then the cavity closers can be tacked directly to the frames before they are set in the wall.

Are 100mm Cavity Closers Expensive?

Cavity wall closers are not expensive, and the YBS closer that Wade can supply is designed to fit several different cavity sizes and masonry profiles. The rigid plastic casing is easy to cut and fit and provides continuous thermal resistance when installed correctly.

Simply cut the 100mm cavity closer to length. You only need to cut the insulation to width to ensure it will fill the cavity. Cavity closers can be joined if sealed with tape to ensure as little as possible is wasted.

For further details download the fitting guide here.

Top Tip:

Cut the vertical cavity closers to run past the horizontal closer below the cill. This will allow any moisture to drain and stop it from collecting below the door or window cill.

How Many 100mm Cavity Closers Do I Need?

Cavity wall closers are only required where you don’t have something else closing the gap such as a cavity wall lintel. A cavity wall lintel that is insulated, or thermally broken, will be sufficient to close the cavity overhead.

Cavity closers come in standard lengths of 2.4m, which means that for a standard window of 1000mm width by 1050mm height, you will need two lengths. For a standard door opening that is 2.1m high, three will be required.

For wider cavities, take a look at our 150mm cavity wall closer option from YBS.

Top Tip:

When jointing cavity closers, cut the join at a 45° angle so that any moisture is directed to the exterior.

Get in touch with our team at Wade today to discover how quickly we can deliver what you need.

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