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Ibstock Grainger Antique Bricks

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The Ibstock Grainger Antique Brick Pack 500: Perfect for a classic brick look.

Each antique brick is crafted at Ibstock's Throckley Brickworks and comes with the Ibstock code A2769A. Make your project stand out with this timeless antique brick.

Ibstock Grainer Antique Facing Brick 215 x 102 x 65mm (L x H x W) Red is a clay brick designed for optimal performance in masonry works. Its 2.30kg weight makes it appropriate for domestic and commercial projects alike, and its 10% absorption rate and 60N/mm2 compressive strength make it ideal for brick matching. Incorporating this brick into a building offers acoustic insulation, condensation resistance, and improved relative humidity.

Moreover, antique clay bricks provide high thermal mass and low conductivity that contribute to the building's energy efficiency. These properties are ensured by the product's conformance with BS EN 1745, BS EN 771-1 and BS EN 998-2 standards. Furthermore, since it is made of natural materials, its colour and texture may vary depending on the location of its source. To get an even finish, we recommend that you mix the bricks from several layers and packs at a time when building large walls.

Visit the Ibstock Brick Website for ideas on mortar colours and laying patterns for the Grainger Antique.

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