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Garden Decking Planning and Advice

Timber Decking can quickly transform your Garden into the Perfect Outdoor Space. 

Garden Decking provides an area for Relaxing, Dining, and Working.

Laying Decking is relatively simple, and a Decking Project can be completed over the weekend.

Before you purchase Timber Decking, it's good to plan your Decking Structure.

Try to visualise your Garden Decking to ensure it is positioned to optimise what you want from your Decking.  

It could be how much Sun or Shade; It could be with a View or an unsightly area in your Garden you wish to revitalise. 

It's also essential at this stage to consider Planning Permission by checking with your local planning authority.

You have visualised your Decking Structure and checked with the local planning office, and you are now ready to order your decking boards.

The easiest way to plan how many Decking Boards you need is to keep it as simple as possible.

Try to plan it out in squares or rectangles and always overestimate a little.

Calculate your Square Metres

At this stage, it's probably a good idea to recheck decking planning permission; as you plan your Decking, you may have changed the design and positioning a little.

Planning Permission

Decking planning permission rules may depend on your local authority, but as a general rule, Decking is classed as permitted development rules.

However, planning permissions may be needed when;

  • Decking Structures cover more than 50% of your Garden area

  • Raised platforms above 30cm above the ground

  • Decking Design is built past your Front Wall

  • Conservation areas

  • National Park

  • Areas of Outstanding natural beauty

  • Within 20 metres of a highway

  • Decking Platforms affecting Privacy of Neighbours

  • Decking attached to a Listed Building

What are Permitted Development Rights?

In a nutshell, Permitted development rights allow householders to improve and extend their homes without planning permission.

Click here to visit Permitted development rights for householders.

Is the Local Planning Authority the same as Building Regulations?

Planning Permission is covered by your local planning authority and aims to ensure any changes to existing features follow the regional look and appearance.

This helps maintain Building Standards, Surrounding Countryside, House Values and Community Areas.

Building Regulations enforce Safety Standards for New Buildings.

These rules apply to all Domestic and Commerical Properties.

Installing your Timber Decking

Your FSC Approved Decking Boards have arrived, and you are ready to install your Timber Decking.

General Garden Decking Tips

  • Check you are clear of Underground pipes

  • Do not cover Drain or Manhole Covers

  • Check your Decking Position will provide Ventilation and Drainage

  • Join Boards over a Joist

  • Use 75mm Galvanised Screws

  • Allow for fixings

  • Ensure all your Screws are below the surface

Decking attached to a Wall 

Your Platform should be at least two brick courses below your damp proof course.

Ground Level Deck on Grassed Garden Area

Dig out around 5cm of lawn from the Decking area, and utilise a weed control fabric to avoid growth under your decking area.

You will need to build a subframe for your decking boards to rest on.

Consider using Concrete slabs or padstones to stabilise the Platform.

Raised Deck

A Raised Deck will need more support, and subframe posts should be positioned in the ground and concerted.

Steps and Handrails on raised platforms look fantastic and can provide more safety.

Using Natural Materials in your Garden will quickly bring it to life and add a warm feeling even in the autumn and winter months.

Whether you are planning Ground Level Decking, a Raised Platform, or a multi-level Structure with a bit of aftercare, your Decking will provide years of Rest and Relaxation.


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