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Event & Festival Temporary Fencing


Every year across the UK, especially in Spring and Summer us brits love to flock to Outdoor Events, including Music Festivals, Food Festivals, Car Boot Sales, and Sporting Events.

This means Organisers across the UK will put in place Safety and Security Fencing using Temporary Fencing Solutions.

Upcoming changes to Government Legislation, known as The Protect Duty, will expand on Martyns Law which was campaigned for by the Brave Mother of a 2017 Manchester Arena Victim.

The new Legislation will mean Crowd Control will become under stricter control and include crowd control at smaller events.

This will likely include Venues with a Smaller Capacity of over One Hundred.

Security Fencing and Temporary Fencing will play a Key Part in ensuring Venues are Safe and Secure.

Festival Fencing

Festival Fencing is a big deal and takes Months of Planning.

Large-scale Music Festivals such as the Glastonbury Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival will use the full range of Temporary Fencing in their event fencing plans. This is likely to include;

  • Crowd Control Barriers

  • Temporary Fencing Panels

  • Pedestrian Access Gates

  • Vehicle Access Gates

  • Secure Digital Access Security Gates


The Temporary Security Fencing System will include Accessories such as;

  • Fence Clamps

  • Fence Block

  • Fencing Hi-Vis Trip Hazard

  • Fence Brace

It is not only Perimeter Fencing which is essential on an Event Site.


Areas which need added Protection will include;

  • Areas where Queues are likely

Entrance Channels, Exit Channels, Food and Drink Areas, Toilets.

Crowd Control Barriers are ideal for preventing people from Queue Jumping or feeling unsafe.


  • Site Access 

Services such as Delivery and Maintenance are likely to be coming and going throughout your event.

Event Fencing should include Vehicle Gate Systems and Pedestrian Gate Systems.

  • Backstage Areas

It's vital to have Security Systems in place in Back Stage Areas.

Whilst your system will restrict entrance to stakeholders, it's essential to have a backup, such as suitable Crowd Barrier Control or Digital Gates.

  • Surrounding Areas

Your Event Fencing has secured your Perimeter and Event, but what about the Roads and Paths leading to your Festivals.

Your Festivals Organisation should include a complete event safety plan.

To determine what is needed beyond your Perimeter, ask for advice from the Local Authority and Emergency Services.

Temporary Fencing Solutions

A temporary security fencing solution provides many benefits at events and prevents people from entering events without tickets, a significant security breach.

Temporary Fencing is innovative, sustainable, effective and low cost.

A Safety Fence around your Perimeter will provide the Protection needed to ensure your site safety and security needs are met.

Fencing Panels include;


Event Fencing is Fast and Easy to Install and is available to Buy or Hire


Festival Organisers tend to work to strict Sustainability Objectives, and a Steel Fence can help meet those objectives.

Steel is the most Recycled Material in the World and can have an Endless Life Cycle.

Most Steel Fencing Products, including Event Fencing, are made from 90% Recycled Steel.


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