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Speed Bump Kits 75mm

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Speed Bump - Heavy Duty, Durable, Tested For Long-Lasting Hardiness 

Made from Heavy Duty Recycled PVC, You can install the Speed Ramps on Tarmac and Concrete for retail car parks, construction sites, home driveways, and anywhere where traffic needs to be controlled.

Speed Bump Kit Many Benefits

  • 75mm Speed Bump
  • Reduces Speeds to 5mph
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Mid Sections
  • Fixing Bolts
  • Highly Visible
  • Chequered Pattern
  • Yellow and Black
  • Various Lengths of Speed bump available


Speed Bumps

When you need to control traffic on a construction site, public or private car park, or in a shopping centre speed bumps can help manage the rate of flow. The kits come with all the fixings you require to install them, so your transport solution can be up and running quickly.

The Health and Safety at Work Act states that traffic management is an integral part of an employer’s duties. Speed bumps can be a reasonably practicable way to protect pedestrians from vehicle movements in many situations.

75mm Speed Bump Kits

75mm, or three-inch, speed bump kits are designed to maintain a speed limit of 5 mph, which may seem low, and difficult to maintain in low gear, but it is faster than the average walking pace.

Pedestrians can be unpredictable, especially when pushing a wheelbarrow, a shopping trolley or herding children.

On its own, a 75mm speed bump won’t ensure that drivers keep to a posted 5mph limit, but it can contribute strategically to slow traffic as part of an overall traffic calming design.

The vertical impact of a 75mm speed bump will slow most passenger vehicles without causing damage.

50mm Speed Bump Kits

For lower-impact traffic management, an alternative 50mm speed bump kit is designed to control vehicles in areas where a maximum speed of 10mph is mandated.

Speed Bump Installation

Speed bumps interlock for added rigidity and are held down with a proprietary bolt and plug system that can be used to fix to either tarmac or concrete.

They are available in modular kits from one to ten metres in length and include moulded ends. Simply clip them together, put them in position and bolt them down.

The speed bumps are made from heavy-duty recycled PVC that is impact, UV ray, oil and moisture resistant.

Speed Bump Visibility

The modular speed bump kit is supplied in contrasting yellow and black with reflective inserts to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

Speed Bump Positioning

Where traffic and pedestrians cannot be entirely segregated with barriers, such as in a car park, speed bumps will slow traffic at the point where they are installed. Fit them at strategic points, such as at the end of a row, or the entrance or exit to a car park.

Install speed bumps where there is a change in level to mark a transition or on the approach to a pedestrian crossing.

Bump or Hump?

Speed bumps are usually narrow, up to 300mm wide. In a kerbed roadway, gaps are left at either end to allow for drainage.

Speed humps are wider and may incorporate a pedestrian crossing, fill the roadway from kerb to kerb and incorporate drainage.


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