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OakPoint First Aid, Fire Safety and Spill Management Stations

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OakPoint First Aid, Fire Safety and Spill Management Stations

A OakPoint station is a designated point within a workplace or any other location where individuals can access basic medical supplies and equipment to provide immediate assistance for minor injuries and accidents. The purpose of a OakPoint station is to keep essential fire aid, fire safety and spill management products in a central location. 

Each OakPoint can be stocked with equipment such as first aid kits, signage, eye wash, gloves, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, spill kits and many more items.

The stations can easily moved around site with cut out forklift channels.

This product is the ideal solution for events, workplaces and construction sites.


Key features

  • Height 1905mm 
  • Width 1000mm
  • Depth 1010mm
  • Fill capacity 120L
  • 34kg empty / 154kg full
  • Display safety and legal site info in the top notice board area
  • Store smaller medical and PPE kits in the upper shelved area
  • Bulky items can be stored in the lower shelf
  • Can be bolted in place or water filled for ballast

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