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Naylor Concrete Padstone 600x140x65 ER3

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High-Density Concrete Padstone

+ Key Features 

  • 600 x 140 x 65
  • Engineered for Strength
  • Pre-Stressed 
  • 30-Minute Fire Rating 
  • Made from Wet Cast Concrete 
  • Ready to Use
  • Conforms to BS 8110

Please be aware, this will be supplied as a Naylor ER3 Concrete Lintel, however, they are designed to also be used as a padstone with the same compressive strength of all other padstones offered by Wade Supplies.

What is a Padstone?

A padstone is an architectural or construction element typically used to construct arches or vaulted structures. It is a large stone or block strategically placed to support or distribute the structure's weight above it. Padstones are often made of durable materials such as stone or concrete and are designed to bear the load and prevent the structural elements from collapsing or becoming unstable.

In arch construction, a padstone is usually positioned at the arch's springing point, where the arch's curve begins. It acts as a solid foundation for the arch by transmitting the load of the arch and its surrounding structure to the supporting piers or walls. Padstones are carefully shaped and installed to ensure they can effectively transfer the weight and forces involved.

The name "padstone" comes from the combination of the words "pad" and "stone." The "pad" refers to the function of the stone as a supportive base, while "stone" signifies the material traditionally used in its construction. However, in modern construction, padstones are typically made from concrete,

Overall, padstones play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and longevity of architectural structures, particularly those incorporating arches or vaulted ceilings.

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