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Naylor Concrete Padstone 215x140x100mm

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High-Density Concrete Padstone

Key Features 

  • 215x140x100
  • Engineered for Strength
  • Pre-Stressed 
  • 30-Minute Fire Rating 
  • Made from Wet Cast Concrete 
  • Ready to Use
  • Conforms to BS 8110

What is a Padstone?

Padstones are large, load-bearing elements found in architectural and construction works, primarily arches and vaulted structures. Traditionally made of stone, modern padstones are commonly cast from concrete for strength and versatility.


Weight distribution: Strategically placed within the structure, padstones evenly distribute the weight of the above elements (arches, vaults, upper floors) to the supporting structures (piers, walls) below. This prevents overloading and potential collapse.

Force transfer: Padstones channel the complex forces at play within the structure, particularly the thrust generated by arches. This controlled transfer of forces ensures stability and prevents cracks or deformation.


Location: In arches, padstones are typically positioned at the springing point, where the arch's curve begins. In vaults, they are strategically placed throughout the structure to manage weight distribution and force transfer.

Material: While historically built from stone (granite, limestone), concrete has become the preferred material for its strength, durability, and ease of shaping to specific needs.

Installation: Careful shaping and precise placement are crucial for effective weight and force transfer. This ensures the overall stability and longevity of the structure.


Padstones play a vital role in the structural integrity and long-term viability of arches, vaults, and other architectural elements that rely on load distribution and controlled force transfer. Their use extends the lifespan of structures and contributes to their lasting beauty and resilience.

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