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Featheredge Fence Panel 6x5 ft

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Our 6x5 ft Feather edge fence panels have been pressure-treated to provide lasting protection against rot.

These panels' vertical feather edge design offers a timeless finish that complements any garden.

Please be aware that colour may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, we will ensure every order placed are fulfilled using the same manufacturer to ensure all panels match.


What is a 'Feather Edge' fence panel?

A feather edge fence panel is a type of wooden fence panel made up of vertical boards that overlap each other slightly, creating a distinctive feathered edge along the top. Compared to normal fence panels, which typically have flat boards arranged side-by-side, feather edge panels offer several advantages:


Natural and rustic aesthetic

The overlapping boards and tapered edges give feather edge fences a more natural and traditional look, often blending well with landscapes and gardens.

Softer lines

The feathered edges create a less harsh and imposing appearance compared to flat panels, making them a good choice for areas where you want a gentler visual impact.



Weather resistance

The overlapping boards provide some level of water resistance, helping to protect the fence from the elements.


The gaps between the boards can be adjusted to provide varying degrees of privacy, depending on your needs.

Strength and durability

Feather edge panels are generally considered stronger than flat panels due to the overlapping construction and sturdiness of the individual boards.

Easy installation

Pre-built feather edge panels are available, making them relatively easy to install compared to building your own fence from individual boards.

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