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Catnic Lintel Arch Centre PVC-u Arch Formers

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Use the PVC-u Arch Centre over Openings in Cavity Walls

Used for Segmental Arches and comes with Integral Weep Vents.

This product is a pre-formed PVC-u arch unit designed for use over openings in external cavity walls (both traditional and timber frame). It provides permanent centering for constructing brick arches and simplifies the process of building segmental arches.

Arch Former Key Features:

  • Material: Extruded from UV-stabilized PVC-u for durability and weather resistance, matching the lifespan of typical PVC-u windows.
  • Weep Vents: Integrated weep holes allow wind-driven rain to drain from the cavity wall, preventing moisture buildup.
  • Simple Installation: The Arch Former comes with clear instructions for a straightforward installation process.
  • 75mm Rise 
  • 25mm +/-Tolerance 
  • ACA0675
  • Download Catnic Installation Help

Installation Notes:

  • Pre-Installation:

    • Inspect the Arch Former for damage before use.
    • Remove the protective wrapping.
    • Verify the Arch Former matches the chosen lintel specifications.
    • Ensure the lintel and installation surfaces are clean and dry.
  • Positioning:

    • Center the Arch Former over the opening on the lintel.
    • Trim the front drip section (bearing end) for thin mortar joints and improved aesthetics.
    • Secure the Arch Former to the lintel, ensuring a tight fit against the edge.

Benefits of Using Catnic PVC-u Arch Centre:

  • Ease of Use: The pre-formed design simplifies brick arch construction.
  • Permanent Support: Provides continuous centering for the brick arch, promoting structural integrity.
  • Weather Resistance: UV-stabilized PVC-u material maintains its properties in long-term outdoor exposure.
  • Moisture Management: Integrated weep vents prevent water accumulation within the wall cavity.

Please note, if the length you require isn't available, please call for price and lead time, we are able to offer all lengths shown on chart pictured.