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Catnic CN71A Standard Duty (Shorter Lengths) 215mm Solid Wall Box Lintel

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The Catnic CN71A Solid Wall Lintel 200mm is Perfect for Exterior Solid Walls

The Catnic CN71A box profile lintel is one of the toughest competitors straight out of the box. From the pallet to the wall, it will be ready to go, and can support a wet masonry load immediately.

The Catnic box profile design means that it won’t twist, warp or otherwise distort when under load, so is ideal for solid wall construction, or even narrow cavity wall builds from 70 mm.

The standard black powder-coat finish conceals the double protection of galvanised steel beneath, which makes this lintel a long-lasting, durable item on any builder’s specification list.

Catnic External Solid Wall Key Features 

  • Duplex Corrosion Protection
  • Standard Duty
  • 200mm - 215mm
  • Durable 
  • Solid Walls 
  • Long Life Span 
  • Market Leading Product 
  • Fast Delivery 

Where to fit

It may be a tough guy but the Catnic CN71A lintel does have its limits. While it can happily handle live wet loads, it is only designed to do so for openings up to 2400 mm, with a minimum bearing at each end of 150 mm.

These lintels come in a variety of designs to deal with almost every loading and size of a structural opening. As a result, there are several types of solid wall lintel to choose from, so whatever the demands of your project, Catnic will have the solution, and Wade will have it in stock.

Size matters

A standard 900 mm CN71A weighs just under 9 kg and can support 29 kN, while a 2700 mm lintel weighs less than 26 kg while delivering 20 kN support. Designed to take two brick courses on the front flange it is a high-performing answer to the question of how to deal with difficult openings.

From 900 mm up to 1500 mm the Catnic CN71A box profile lintel can take care of 29 kN in loading. The longest version, at 2.7 m can deal with 20 kN, as load limits for this lintel will decrease as the structural opening increases.

The SWL (safe working load) is based on the total UDL (uniform distributed load) over a maximum span with 150mm bearing at each end.

Whether renovating, repairing or building new, get in touch with our lintel experts today to confirm what you require. At Wade, we can get what you want, kerbside, when you want it.

Download Catnic Box Lintel Data Sheet

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