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Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow

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The Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow handles the heaviest loads with ease thanks to its special craftsmanship. Its strong, almost indestructible HDPE tray provides the durability you need for demanding tasks. The tray's ergonomic design makes it easy to load and unload materials, and it's also easy to clean after use. On top of all that Belle provides a 1 year warrany on it!

Belle Wheelbarrow Key Features:

  • The Warrior wheelbarrow has a bigger and stronger wheel plate than most, making it more stable and able to handle heavy loads easily.
  • Extra Wide Profile Tyre: The deep-treaded tyre offers enhanced traction, making it suitable for navigating various terrains, including sandy conditions. This extra-wide profile tyre ensures excellent stability and minimizes the risk of getting stuck.
  • Adjustable Wheel Plate: The wheel plate is adjustable, allowing you to find the optimum balance for smooth movement and easy handling.
  • The wheelbarrow has a strong frame. The frame is made of reinforced electro-plated materials. This makes the wheelbarrow very durable. It is also resistant to damage.
  • Strong wheel with needle bearing for smooth movement even with heavy loads
  • Additional Wear Strips: The wheelbarrow comes with additional wear strips to increase tray longevity and further protect it from potential damage.
  • A flat front tube allows vertical storage, saving space.
  • One-Year Belle Warrior Warranty
  • Delivered Fully Assembled
  • Ergonomical Wheel Barrow 
  • Optimum Balance 
  • Extra strong, 100L indestructible HDPE Tray - HDPE is nonstick.


The Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow is loved by groundworkers, landscapers, bricklayers and plasterers for its strength and dependability when handling tough jobs. Its versatility and user-friendly design make it the perfect tool for a wide range of projects.

Whether you're working on construction sites, landscaping projects, or gardening tasks, the Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow is your go-to companion. It's exceptional build quality and thoughtful features ensure that it meets the demands of even the toughest jobs, making it an indispensable asset in your toolkit.

Belle Wheelbarrow Tyre Options

1. The Belle Pneumatic Tyre Wheelbarrow has become the leading choice for building sites in the UK with it's Deep treaded tyre with an extra inner tube reduces the possibility of punctures.

2. With the Flex Pro Tyre Wheelbarrow it has a "Never Leak Again foam-filled tyre" for just a few £ more than the Pneumatic Tyre version


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