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Concrete & Cement

At Wade, we have the bagged cement, concrete, latex, and admixtures required to make your project a success. Whether you are setting fence posts or levelling floors, we have all the concrete supplies you need.

Building Basics

We have a wide range of bagged concrete supplies, sold in 20kg and 25 kg bags, available delivered kerbside across the UK.


Hanson Multicem cement is the go-to multi-purpose professional quality durable cement. Use it to mix mortar, concrete, screed, or render. Its water-retaining and frost-resistant qualities give it additional workability whether bricklaying or smoothing the surface of a concrete slab.

The tough 25 kg paper bags are site-secure and weatherproof, keeping your dust ready for use. Available in bundle packs, the more you buy, the better the deal.


When you are in a hurry, you need to reach for PostFast concrete ready-mix. Use a bag per post. Just add water and in ten minutes it will deliver a solid foundation for fence, gate and, signposts.

Supplied in 20kg bags that are weatherproof, and recyclable, they are easy to handle and get to any location across a site.


Everbuild 708 Febflor is one of the leading self-levelling compounds you can use. Its free-flowing consistency makes it perfect for evening out your floor ready to take final finishes. Even at the maximum depth of 6mm, on a normal weather day, it will be ready to go after only eight hours.

When you have a difficult floor to cover, SIKA’s enhanced latex, Everbuild 710, is ideal. It has additional latex for improved flexibility and adhesion, especially important if used on asphalt or floors that have a tar-based composition.

When You Need a Little Extra Help

Concrete and cement products sometimes need a helping hand to ensure a quality result.

Mortar Admix

When you need that bit of extra flexibility in your render or bricklaying mortar, the plasticity that helps glue it all together, then Mortar Admix is your helping hand. On chilly days it will keep the frost at bay, especially when the temperature rollercoasters between night and day.

Accelerator and Frostproofer

It does exactly what it says on the container! Everbuild’s Accelerator and Frostproofer is perfect for when you need your mortar, concrete, screed or render to set quickly while keeping the cold weather from causing problems. Formulated to cope well with sub-zero temperatures it will help keep the project moving forward all year round.

Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer

For a fine, hard wearing finish that prevents blooms and protects the surface of screeds, concrete slabs and even paving use the Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer. Perfect for difficult, high-traffic areas.

Contact our crew at Wade today to get your cement products kerbside when you need them on the job.