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50-65mm Cavity Wall Lintels

At Wade, our stock of 50mm steel lintels is ready for dispatch to your project anywhere in the mainland UK. The range caters for all sizes and specifications from standard to extra-heavy-duty and timber frame lintels.

Catnic 50mm Cavity Lintels

Catnic is one of the biggest names in UK steel lintel manufacturing, and its history of research and development over more than fifty years has resulted in a market-leading position.

The CG50/100 cavity lintel is the first choice for all standard loadbearing applications with its double corrosion protection, built-in DPC and continuous fitted insulation. The thermal break provided by the integral insulation allows compliance with Part L of UK Building Regulations too.

The CH50/100 heavy-duty 50mm cavity lintel is a step up and is designed to take the loadings of a concrete floor and will require a minimum of 150mm end bearing. Allow a couple of weeks lead-in time when ordering from this and the extra heavy-duty range.

The CX50/100 range of catnic extra heavy-duty 50mm cavity lintels is designed to take the additional loading of a trussed attic roof and is the tallest of the three types. These lintels will take either an entire standard block or three standard brick courses on the inner leaf.

The CTF5 timber frame cavity lintel is supplied in standard duty only but comes in a wide range of sizes from 750mm to 4800mm.

Stressline 50mm Cavity Lintels

Stressline is another British lintel manufacturer with an impeccable pedigree and a wide range of excellent lintel products.

The SL50TFHD heavy-duty timber frame lintel is a case in point. It can take up to 12kN at a span of 4800mm, making it a solid choice in difficult to specify locations. The SL50TF is the standard duty model.

The SL50 standard range of 50mm cavity lintels is a good, reliable and robust design that is easy to install and perfect for most masonry openings. The SL50HD extends your choice of lintel by offering a medium-duty level that bridges the gap between standard and higher-priced alternatives.

Allow three weeks between ordering and delivery for the medium-duty lintels.

The Stressline SL50XHD225 heavy-duty option and the SL50CXHD225 extra heavy-duty range are also both made to order, so you will need to plan ahead.

Birtley 50mm Cavity Lintels

The Birtley range is distinctly different from the other two manufacturers as it uses an enhanced galvanisation process to protect the steel. Expect to use a cavity tray with their lintels for full anti-corrosion protection.

The CB50 standard duty lintel range is ideal for regular, even load distribution. The galvanised finish can be painted if required.

The HD50 heavy-duty range is also hot-dip galvanised and has 50% more zinc protection than other lintel makes, which makes it an ideal choice for maritime environments.

If you need help or advice do not hesitate to contact us to help decide which lintel is right for your project.