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What are Builders Trestles?

Builders trestles are a staple for any Professional Trades People or keen DIY Enthusiast.

Made from Strong, Durable Steel, a Builders Trestle is the perfect working platform for Jobs which can be done at lower levels.

Builders Trestles are Rigid Stands typically manufactured from great quality tubular steel, which are used with standard scaffold boards to create a working table or a working platform, also known as staging.

The Jobs a Builders Trestle may be used for include;

  • Painting

  • Decorating

  • Plastering

  • Low-Level Repairs

  • Internal or External Renovations 

Trestles are often used when easier access to a broader area is needed.

This removes the need for a ladder and provides a fully extended, safe working load.

Builders Trestles are often used as;

  • Working Platform

Trestles cover a wider area and make movement and reach safer than working on step ladders with equipment and materials.

  • Work Tables

Your Builders Trestles have a multi-use and are often used as a work surface.

Fast and straightforward to set up using Scaffold Boards

  • Furnishing

A Builders Trestle can make a fantastic Table or Desk if you are looking for a Commercial Look in your Home or Office.

Add a more Rustic feel by using Grade B Boards or Recycled Timber.

Grade B or Reclaimed Boards should not be used when using Builders Trestles as a platform for height work.

Safe Working Load

It is dangerous working at any height, and any fall could have grave consequences, so it is always important to be sure Trestles are right for the job if used to work at a Height.

Always check the Manufactured Trestles datasheet, and check for the applicable standard BS 1139-4:1982. 

The Safe working load should be no less than 460kg at 1.2-metre centres.

When buying Builders Trestles, it is important you can access the manufacturer's certificate of conformity and Test Report.

A reputable Supplier will provide easy access to these to assist in your Buying Decision.

Shop the Wade Range of Trestles 

Builders Trestles Options and Features

  • Size 1 - 0.46m - 0.74m Opening Heights

  • Size 2 - 0.79m - 1.14m Opening Heights

  • Size 3 - 1.09m - 1.74m Opening Height

  • Light Weight - Around 11kg

  • Low Cost

  • Multi Use

  • Trestles hold Four standard scaffold boards

  • 970mm Wide

  • Strong and Durable

  • Weather Resistant



Whether you are using a Size 1 or Size 3 Builders Trestle, safety should always be the priority, and you should carry out a Risk Assessment when using Builders Trestles.

Ensure you fully understand the workings of the Trestle and check Captive Pins are working correctly at all Heights.

Always ensure each Trestle is equal in height.

Never use Trestles on unstable ground, and always ensure you use Scaffold Boards which are Industry approved.

The Health and Safety Executive provides many resources to ensure you follow all Safety Requirements for Working at Heights.



Builders Trestles are innovative and can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

Easy to Store and Transport, Builder Trestles are a Low Price Investment and an integral part of the Equipment Arsenal for any Professional Tradesperson or DIY Enthusiast.


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