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Types of Lintel Beam | Your Quick Lintel Guide

Types of Lintel

Reliable, Strong, Resilient, Clever, Honest, Long Lasting, all these Qualities come to mind when we think about Lintels!

So, Let's start from the beginning - What is a Lintel?

The Lintel, is commonly Used above Doors Windows and any load-bearing opening used in Buildings.

A Lintel spans the Opening and distributes loads above the walls or masonry on either side of the Opening.

Use of Lintels in Construction is an ancient process. 

The Post and Lintel System built many ancient historic sites around the world.  


Stone and Timber Lintels would have been Commonly Used back then and was also used as Decorative Pieces.

Stone Lintels and Timber Lintels are still used to this Day, with Craftsman providing the Decoration when required.

Back in the Swinging Sixties, we saw the Steel Lintel join the Party, and Production went to another level which saw New Innovative Manufacturers including Stressline producing Steel Lintels.

Today we have Lintels of all types that are Widely Used throughout Construction in the UK.

Types of Lintel Beams

Steel Lintels

Also known as Metal Lintels are a popular choice for Modern Buildings and are often manufactured from Galvanised Steel and has huge advantages, including Cost, Variation, and can be constructed with ease. 

The Steel Lintel Strength to Weight Ratio provides an extra advantage over other types of Lintels.

Available in Different Sizes, Duties and Use, Steel Lintels are widely used in Buildings across the United Kingdom

The most popular Steel Lintels are for Cavity Walls.

Cavity Wall Lintels are easy to construct and will typically come with Insulation to minimise Thermal Bridging, and are available in a variety of Width and Length.

When deciding on the correct Lintel, always consider the disadvantages of the different types of Lintels and the advantages.

Steel Lintels, for instance, may have a lower Fire Rating than Concrete Lintels, and when exposed to fire or heat, they may lose their integrity and load-bearing Capabilities.

Moisture Exposure could cause Corrosion.

Take Special Care When selecting Lintel Types when the Structure is close to the Coast as Sea Air Salt could affect Steel Lintels.

If you are unsure, a Steel Lintel is the right choice for your Structural needs, We have an Experienced Technical Team on Hand to help with any questions and review your Drawings if necessary.

50mm Cavity Lintel Range

Concrete Lintels

This type of Lintel has multiple uses but tend to be visible when used in Construction unless Under Ground.

Different Concrete Lintel Sizes are readily available and pre-cut, or you can sometimes cut your Concrete Lintel. 


wade building supplies | concrete lintels on site in tipton naylor lintel distributor

Concrete Lintels have many advantages and with Specialist Manufacturers including Naylor Lintels bringing Innovative products including and an extended range of Concrete Lintels including the Reinforced Concrete Lintel. 

Different Types of Lintels in their Concrete Range include Economy, Hi-Spec and Fair Faced Concrete Lintels.

Prestressed Concrete Lintels offer Optimum Performance with a minimum of thirty-minute fire rating and High Strength. 

Our Best Selling Concrete Lintel is currently the Naylor S4 Lintel which has a supreme Fire Rating and is available in a variety of width

Don't forget your Padstones to ensure there is enough support in place for your Concrete Lintel. 

Concrete Lintels are Cost-Effective and not as vulnerable to fire as Steel Lintels.

Timber Frame Lintels

A Timber Frame Lintel should not be mistaken for a timber lintel.

Timber Frame Lintels are Steel Lintels and can support the outer leaf of masonry construction only.

These types of Lintel come in a variety of sizes and are easy to install.

Timber Frame Lintels must be installed using restraining clips to avoid rotation of the Lintel during Construction.

Other Types of Lintel

Let's take a look at the less common Type of Lintel Available.

These Lintels tend to be more Specialist and can be more Difficult to Source for your Construction Product.

Stone Lintel

A Stone Lintel ideally comes in one piece at least 15 cm - 20 cm.

These types of Lintel add character to the Property walls and are fully visible.

However, Stone Lintels tend to have a shorter lifespan and can be prone to weakness from vibration.


Timber Lintels

Not to be confused with Timber Frame Lintels, a Timber Lintel or Wooden Lintel looks very appealing when used.

Like Stone Lintels, Timber Lintels add much character to a Building, but Wooden types of Lintels are highly vulnerable to fire and can be too weak for construction.

Brick Lintels

Brick Lintels are a very cost-effective way to build a Lintel in Construction.

Ideally, Brick Lintels should be constructed over smaller openings with lighter loads.

However, You can use Reinforcement steel rods to Strengthen Brick Lintels for Heavy Loads or Wider Openings. 

Flitch Lintel Beam

Flitched Lintels are commonly used in the Construction of Timber Buildings

This type of Lintel is much Stronger than Timber Lintels and is constructed using two wooden beams with a steel plate between them.

Customer Made Lintels

A Reputable Lintel Distributor will be able to Source a Custom Made Lintel, this would include ensuring all Technical Requirements and seeing the process through from Technical Drawing, Safe Delivery & Installation Advice. 

If you require a Custom Made Lintel our Technical Team can Help 


That's our brief overview of the Lintel and the types of Lintel available.

In general, Lintels are easy to construct, Purchase and Transport.

The key to ensuring your Construction Project goes to plan is to choose the correct Lintel for the job.

If unsure, always select a Supplier who has expertise in Lintels and a Team of Experts to answer any questions and assist your Builders, Architects and Engineers.

Lintel Manufacturers select Distributors who they know will support Customers and ensure the Lintel Industry maintains its Integrity in the Construction Sector.

Our Technical Team Customer Service and Sale Team are available via our Live Chat, Phone or Email. 

Technical Team Help

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