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Top Three Steel Lintel Manufacturers | UK

The UK has a long history with the Steel Lintel, and over the past sixty years, manufacturers have been innovative, competitive and Productive in Building an Industry worth Billions.

The first Steel Lintels were manufactured in the 1960s, and the construction industry was quick to embrace Lintels manufactured from Steel.

The Construction Industry championed the benefits of using Lintels made from Steel and still does today.

Due to its recyclable properties, many new benefits were identified, including the Limitless Life-cycle of Steel.

House Building or a Construction project has become more sustainable, with over eighty-five per cent of all Steel being Recycled.

Steel Lintels

There are many types of Lintels; the most common ones used in modern construction are Steel and Concrete Lintels.

Types of Lintel include;

  • Stone Lintels

  • Brick Lintel

  • Concrete lintels

  • Timber Lintel

Whilst Steel is the preferred material, there are many reasons why an alternative may be used, including Cost, Location, Wall Constructions, and Architectural Special Lintels.

Let's look at our Top Three Lintels Manufacturers in alphabetical order.

Birtley Lintels

Founded in 1965, Birtley Lintels started as Steel Fabricators and, in 1969, began to manufacture Lintels.

In 1996 Birtley Lintels built a new Galvanizing Plant where its famous Hot Dip Galvanising is processed.

Birtley Lintels Offer;

  • Standard Lintels Range

  • Cavity Wall Lintels Range

  • Single Leaf

  • Thermal Performance

  • Super Galv - Hot Dip Galvanizing

  • BS & CE Mark

Catnic Lintels

Catnic has been a manufacturer of Steel Products since 1969.

Based in Caerphilly, South Wales and known for its innovation, Catnic supplies its Lintels and Steel Products across the Globe, including Europe and the Middle East.

Catnic is a Tata Company, and Sustainability is at the centre of everything they do.

Catnic Offer;

  • Products for all Roof Loads

  • Built-in Damp Proof

  • Heavy Duty Lintels

  • High Specification

  • Powder Coated

  • Catnic Solid Wall Specification

Stressline Lintels

Based in the heart of Leicestershire, Stressline Structural Building Products have been established for over fifty years.

Stressline is focused on producing Hi-Strength Products and supporting the Construction Industry through Innovation and Quality.


Stressline Offer:

  • Steel Beams for all Applications

  • Cold Bridging Products

  • Easy to Install

  • Technical Support

  • Hi-Strength Steel Beams

  • Galvanised Finish

  • Installation Support

We are proud to work closely with the Top Three Manufacturers at Wade Building Supplies.


Our close relationships enable us to offer our customers a Complete Service, including Competitive Prices, Country Wide Delivery and an Industry Leading Technical Department to provide customers with unrivalled Technical Support.

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