Timber Decking Myths | Exposed!

by scott douglas

We are huge fans of a Timber Deck, So we felt it was essential to bust some of the Decking Myths out there.

So, what are we looking at here? Specifically, Timber Decking, as opposed to Composite Decking.

Not only are we going to Debunk some of the Decking myths floating around the internet, but You will also get some Great Ideas for Natural Timber Decks and how to get the most from them.

Deck Boards

Before we head into the Myths, let's look at Decking Boards.

Decking Boards come in Hardwood or the more Popular Softwood.

Hardwood Timber Boards are the more expensive option and typically come from Slow Growing Oak Trees, meaning they are not renewable.

Hardwood does need a little more expertise when used for Construction, as it tends to be a bit more challenging than Softwood, but an experienced Timber Decking Specialist would be happy to offer help.

The Big advantage is Lifespan when it comes to these types of wood decks. Hardwood Deck boards can last up to Twenty Years with some low maintenance care.

Softwood Timber Boards are less expensive and come from Renewable Fast Growing Sources such as Pine Trees.

This type of Wood is much easier to work with, and you will have your Deck Installed in no time.

The eco friendly wood is low maintenance, and with an annual sealant treatment will last ten plus years.

Using Softwood means you can finish your Decking in a different colour, and seal treatment does not have to be a Specialist Sealer.

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Wood Decking Myths!

"Wood Decking Splinters"

Real Wood is, of course, a Natural Material and, unlike composite, Decking can Expand and Shrink, causing Splinters.

Weather Conditions commonly cause this.

Temperature and Humidity will cause the Wood to splinter with the continuous cycle.

You can keep Wood Splinters to a minimum by ensuring the wood fibres receive sealant treatment at least once a year.

"Real Wood Decks are Slippery"

They can be, both Composite and Timber Decks can be Slippery if left to build up algae and grime.

To ensure your Decking does not get too Slippery when Wet, ensure it is Brushed and Cleaned regularly.

Consider using Non-Slip Timber Decking.

Typically with Slip Resistance already installed into the Grooves of the Decking.

You can add Slip Resistance at a later date if Slippage seems to be a problem.

A Simple, Cheap process to transform your Deck into Anti Slip Decking.

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"Decking is not an eco friendly option."

Wood Decking, mainly Softwood, tends to come from Sustainably Managed Forests and fast-growing Trees such as Pine Trees.

Take Care when making a Decking Purchase. Decking Companies will typically Disclose the Wood is environmentally friendly and has come from a Reputable Supplier.

We are lucky to have some fantastic organisations adding a layer of Protection to our Forests.

The FSC certify Timber. Ask your Supplier if your Timber has been FSC certified.

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"Decking needs too much maintenance."

Decking does not have a rigorous maintenance routine.

Timber Decks differ but, as a Whole, follow the same rules.

  • Ensure Water can Run-Off your Decking
  • Keep your Decking Free of Grime
  • Use Decking Oil or Seal Treatment as least Once a Year

"Groove Up or Groove Down"

Your Softwood Decking will typically come with Grooves or Reeds.

These Ridges run the Length of the Board, and their primary purpose is to preserve the life of your Decking protecting the Wood from Rot, and as a Channel to assist Water to Run-Off.

Truth be told, though, it is your choice.

If you prefer a smooth board, there is no hard-fast rule which states your deck must be Groove Side up, and the ridges still offer Protection either way.

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Make the Most of your Decking

We hope we have helped in breaking down some of the Barriers to installing Decking.

Decking is a Great Way to Refresh or Remodel your Outdoor Space.

During the Summer Months, why not set up your own Outdoor Office on your Deck? There is nothing better than Fresh Air to keep your Energy Levels up whilst Working.


Extending Indoors out to a Decking Area is a fantastic way to create the feeling of space. Maybe add some heating or a Water Feature along with comfy Sofas and Cushions for a more relaxed ambience.

Decking Installed in your home is not just for the Warmer Months. It is perfect for the Cooler Months as well. Add some Heat to your Outdoor Space by using Patio Heaters or even a Fire Pit for Cosy Evenings under the Stars.

To Recap - Decking comes with Pros and Cons, just like any Natural Material but with a bit of care and attention. Natural Timber Decks will extend your Space Outdoors for both Calm Solitary or Family Time.

High Maintenance Timber Decking is a huge Myth. The Materials are of fantastic Value, and Decking can be installed relatively easily with Simple Planning to almost any Garden or Outdoor Space.

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