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Ten reasons to use Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool Insulation will not let you down if you are searching for an insulation material that offers quick and easy installation combined with high thermal efficiency and sound Insulation.

Here are 10 reasons to use Rockwool Insulation

1, Quick and Easy Installation

Your Brand New Insulation by Rockwool will arrive in Compressed Packs for Easy Handling and Storage.

Rockwool Insulation is easy to store and install. Please take a look at our Installation Tips for cavity wall insulation.


2, Compression Resistant Insulation Material

Rockwool Insulation is a compression-resistant material used in roofing applications, floor and ceilings or Cavity Wall Insulation.

This makes it ideal for Residential Buildings or Commercial Applications and is often used in New Domestic Buildings and Retrofits.

3, Thermal Insulation 

Rockwool Insulation offers outstanding thermal resistance, helps reduce energy bills in the Winter, and keeps the Building cooler in the Summer.

4, Fire Resistant

Rockwool Insulation is made from molten rock and has high organic fire resistance.

The Innovative materials, including the rock Mixture, offer Fire resistant and Fire Protection Qualities and meets current regulations.

5, Breathable Material 

Rockwool is a breathable material allowing moisture to escape from the Building envelope.

This helps Air Quality, well-being and Air Pollution Reduction.

6, Sustainable Raw Materials 

As a Construction Material, Rockwool Insulation is manufactured from raw material, helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

7, Noise Insulation 

Rockwool offers noise insulation and will trap sound waves to create comfortable environments in both Domestic and Commercial Properties.

8, Long Lasting 

Stone Wool Insulation by Rockwool is manufactured from spun rock wool fibres and will provide years of protection.

9, Recyclable

Rockwool Insulation can be wholly recycled, reducing waste.

10, Minimum Environmental Impact

Not only will Rockwool Insulation reduce your Building's Carbon Footprint, its manufacturing process offers minimum embodied carbon.

Whether you are using Rock wool Insulation Slabs or Mineral Wool Rolls, Rock wool Insulation will ensure your Building provides Comfort all year round.



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