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How to use Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

 Concrete is central to many Building Projects, from Domestic to Commerical.

While Concrete has a robust compressive strength, it is prone to cracks or breaking under pressure due to a lower Tensile Strength.

This does not take away the fact Concrete has many advantages, including;

  • Durability

  • Fire Resistance

  • Cost

  • Speed

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Low Maintenance

  • Multiple Application Purposes


How to use Steel Mesh or Wire Mesh


Enhance the Strength and Durability of Concrete with Steel Mesh Reinforcement


What is the Difference Between Steel Mesh and Rebar?

Rebar Rods tend to be used on Concrete Slabs and are placed on Concrete Slabs in equal spaces and tied together using reinforcement ties. This is done before the Concrete Pour.

Steel Mesh and Wire Mesh are usually used on Bigger Projects as it offers cost savings covering a larger surface area.

Steel Reinforcing Mesh is manufactured from the same steel as rebar and is pre-welded, creating a Wire Mesh Sheet.

Reinforcing Mesh Sheets comes in many sizes, with the most common being;

  • A142 Reinforcing Mesh

6mm Wire Mesh - Ideal for Domestic use, including Driveways and Concrete Walls

  • A252 Reinforcing Mesh 

8mm Wire Mesh - High Tensile with 200mm Wire Cross for Thicker Slabs

  • A393 Reinforcing Mesh

10mm Wire Mesh - Heavy Duty Commercial Structures

Another advantage of using steel reinforcement sheets is they are easier to size compared to rebar with each rod required to be cut to equal sizes.

Concrete Reinforcement

IInstalling Steel Wire Mesh is a straightforward procedure. Consult with your Manufacturer or Building Supplies Technical Department if you have any doubts.

Simple Steps to Installing Wire Mesh;

  • Ensure you have adequate Safety Equipment before Handling, Cutting or Laying Wire Mesh

  • Clean the Area of Debris

  • Use Concrete Blocks or ready Made Steel or Plastic Spacers.

  • Spacers should be no more than a Metre Apart.

  • The main Reinforcing Bars should be parallel to the Span

  • Wire Mesh should be Lapped to ensure Loads are Transferred all the way Across

Source: NHBC Concrete and its Reinforcement


Reinforcement Steel Mesh has changed the face of Concrete and is used every day in Construction Projects across the Globe to ensure your Concrete is free from Cracking and maintains its Support Foundations.


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