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Consider Concrete lintels?

When choosing a Lintel, should I consider a Concrete Lintel?

A Concrete lintel Beam may already be in your plans. 

There may also be circumstances when prestressed concrete lintels, in particular, will be a durable alternative to a Steel Lintel.

The Biggest advantage is Cost.

A Concrete Lintel Beam will cost less than a Steel Lintel and still offers High Quality and Strength.

It is essential you have a clear understanding of load bearing values when purchasing a Lintel.

We would advise you to consult with your Builder, Engineer or Architect to ensure a Concrete Lintel will work for your Project.

Wade Building Supplies are proud to have a Team of Lintel Experts with over 25 years of expertise.

Our Services include free advice on Purchase, fitting and Planning.

PreStressed Concrete Lintels are the ideal choice if planning on purchasing a Concrete Lintel.

High Strength Pre Stressed Concrete is Durable and often used in the Building Trade, typically for Windows and support above Doors.

Concrete Lintel Sizes

Like Steel Lintels. Concrete Lintel Sizes tend to come pre-cut, typically up to 3600mm.

However, prestressed concrete lintels can be Cut.

Cutting a Lintel should only be carried out by a trained operative using a High-Speed Diamond Cutting Disc and is subject to the Health and Safety requirements of the Machine and COSHH product information.

Our Technical Team can help with advice before Cutting.

Prestressed Range

Wade Building Supplies are an Approved Distributor for Naylor Concrete Lintels.

The Naylor Concrete Lintels Range are available in a variety of Lengths and all our Prices inc Vat.

Lintels - Concrete - Installation

The Naylor Range of Lintels includes the Economy Range and Hi-Spec Range.

Prestressed Economy Range are High-Quality Lintels and can be installed in either direction.

The Naylor Hi-Spec Range will be Marked "Top" and should be installed the correct way.

All Lintels should be bedded on full level mortar.

Your Prestressed Lintel requires adequate support and should be propped until all Mortar has set.

For more information for your Specific Project, Our Technical Team will be happy to answer any questions.

We would recommend following the Manufacturers recommendations for load and fitting Recommendations.

Naylor Economy Lintels

Available in a variety of Lengths, these cost-effective Lintels are ideal for a smaller Load.

The Range of Economy Lintels come with a fire rating of 30 minutes and has an ex steel mould finish.


Naylor Hi-Spec Lintels

Comes in a variety of Length from 600mm x 100mm x 100mm

High Strength Supreme Performance with a 30 minute Fire Rating.

Naylor Padstones

Lintels are often best supported with Padstones. We carry a full range of Naylor Concrete Padstones

About Naylor Concrete

Naylor is a Market Leader in the Industry offering Innovative Products to the Construction Industry.

All Naylor Products are approved to British Standards and CE Marked.

The Naylor Lintels Range has been innovated over the past 50 years ensuring Naylor Lintels are of Supreme Quality.

Wade Building Supplies are proud to be Naylor Lintels Stockists and offer additional Technical Services to our Customers, ensuring your Construction Project does not encounter delays.

Search Naylor Economy Lintels

Search Naylor Hi-Spec Lintels

Search Naylor Padstones

Click here for Full Naylor Lintels Technical Information




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