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Angle Bead Installation

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If you plan on plastering a room in your Home, Angle Beads will help you achieve neat corners throughout.

So, what is an Angle Bead?

Angle Beads are Metal Strips usually manufactured from galvanised steel which will wrap around external corners to enable you to create a smooth surface.

Angle Beads also come with a spine which will protect your corners from damage.

Also known as plaster beads or plaster corner beads, they are used by both the professional plasterer and DIY experts.

Step 1: Tools for Fitting Corner Beads

Installing a Metal Angle Bead is relatively simple. You will need some tools, these include:

  • Tin Snips: Angle Beading tends to come in either 2.4m or 3.0m. Tin Snips will provide a clean cut.

  • Tape Measure: To measure your Area

  • Scissors: You may be using Scrim tape to fasten your Corner Bead

  • Staple Gun and Hammer: You may prefer to use Nails or Tacks to secure your Corner Bead. A good Stapler can help position and hold your Corner Bead in Place.

  • Gloves & Safety Goggles: Protect yourself from Sharp Edges and Material Debris

Step 2: Materials - Types of Metal Corner Bead

There are many types of Corner beads. We are going to focus on the Metal Corner Bead and, in particular;

  • Standard Angle Beads
  • Hook On Angle Beads

Step 3: Corner Bead Installation

There are many ways to fit angle beads, using Scrim Tape, Nails, wet plaster or the Tap in Method.

1. Measure

Measure the required length and use your Snips to create a clean metal bead cut. Remember to use Safety Equipment to protect your Hands.

When cut, the Angle Bead will be extremely Sharp.

2. Attach the Angle Bead to the Wall 

Ensure the plasterboard is straight using a spirit level, and attach the metal corner bead to your outer corners using your chosen method (scrim tape, nails, wet plaster or tapping).

If you are using scrim tape, lay out your corner bead, add the tape to the metal wing, and fix the beading onto the wall.

When using Galvanised Nails or Tacks to install corner beads;

  • Fix into Place
  • Ensure Flat against the Corner
  • Use a Spirit Level to ensure Straight
  • Adjust if Needed
  • Gently Hammer Nails in from the Middle Outwards
  • Ensure you keep Checking the Angle Bead remains Straight

Finally, Hook on Angle Beads come with micro hooks placed forty millimetres apart to enable you to tap the metal corner bead in place.

The Hook On Corner Bead can be easily removed from the Plasterboard if it needs adjusting, and used for a Neat Corner before Plastering.

Angle Beads are an affordable, effective method to ensure your Corners are Smooth, Straight and Protected. 

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