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Scaffold Stillage

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The Four-Post Scaffold Stillage Bin is the Perfect Solution for Scaffolding Accessory Storage

A stackable steel four-post scaffold stillage fitting bin is an essential storage and delivery solution for any scaffolding team, both out on-site and back in the yard. Tough, transportable and made in Britain with premium box section steel, they are built to last.

Scaffolders are a key link in the build process, taking projects up and then being part of the big reveal when the scaffold comes down.

A robust set of scaffold stillages can help manage and protect your investment, keep couplers clean, and a site tidy.

Steel Stillage Key Features 

  • Quick Solution 
  • Premium Product
  • Transportable 
  • Stackable
  • Height 680mm
  • Length 930mm
  • Width 930mm 
  • Depth 380mm 

Scaffold Stillages Save Time and Money

The key to scaffolding success is organisation. Knowing that you can get hold of everything you need for a job because it has been properly squared away in the first place, is absolutely priceless.

Using scaffold stillages to store couplers, clips and clamps, ready to be picked up and put on the back of the flatbed, can help you get your teams to work quickly.

These scaffold stillages are designed to be stacked four high, saving space in the yard, and making the most of cramped quarters on-site.

Stillage Capacity

The scaffold stillage fitting bins each have a safe working load (SWL) of 1 tonne and are sized to prevent overloading.

Our steel-sided bins are 930mm square and 380mm deep, with an overall height of 680mm.

Welded together for strength with 2.5mm grade 50 x 50 box section steel and steel sheet, the stillage weighs in at approximately 40kg.

Lifting Options

Scaffold stillage fitting bins can be lifted by forklifts safely for rapid distribution around a site, or ease of loading or unloading.

Use chain straps or heavy-duty webbing with a HIAB to load or unload. Make sure the lifting equipment is in good condition and is rated for a 1-tonne SWL.

Scaffold Tube Stillage

A four-post scaffold stillage is ideal to help organise a site and to keep your tube tidy and out of the dirt. On a fast-moving project, where you may have regular attendance for alterations and adaptations, it will help a site team if the stock is stored properly.

To order scaffold materials and accessories, or get advice concerning delivery, either to your yard or kerbside to a project, get in touch with our professional team today.

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