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Save on Facing Bricks with code BRICK15

Stressline Medium Duty 100mm Cavity (140mm wide inner leaf) Lintel SL90HDWIL

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Stressline SL90 Wide Inner Leaf Lintel

Easy to install and will support Masonry Loads, Distributed Timber Floor Loads and Distributed Roof Loads.

Wide Inner Leaf Lintels are designed with an Inner Leaf to support Blockwork up to 150mm.  

The Wide Inner Leaf channel should be well filled with Cured Masonry before work proceeds over. Masonry should be Built Tightly against the Vertical Section of the Channel, and the Mortar Joint added to the Top. 

Sizes from 600mm Available

SL90 Wide Inner Leaf Lintel Key Features:

  • 100mm Cavity Wall (Other Sizes Available)
  • Lintel by Stressline 
  • Base Plate to Inner Flange
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Built-in Insulation
  • Continuous Insulation
  • Built-in Plaster Key
  • Stressline Lintel 
  • 90mm - 105mm Cavity
  • 125mm - 150mm Inner Leaf
  • Galvanised Coating

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