Green Railway Sleepers

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    Green Railway Sleeper 

    Railway Sleepers can be used for any Landscaping project in your Garden Space, including Raised Beds, Garden Edging or a Garden Border. 

    Sleepers are Green Treated and will stand the test of time if your Outdoor Space with some Basic Care. 

    Find out more about Railway Sleepers for Garden Edging and other Uses here. 

    3 products
    wade building supplies | green treated garden sleeper
    Green Sleeper Pressure Treated 2.4m x 100mm x 200mm
    wade building supplies | new treated railway sleepers
    wade building supplies | new railway sleepers
    New Sleepers | 10 Pack | Treated Railway Sleepers
    wade building supplies | pallet of sleepers
    Railway Sleepers | Green Treated Timber | 2.4m | Value Packs
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    Green Sleepers

    Treated Softwood

    Softwood Railway Sleepers are ideal for Landscaping as they are much easier to work with than a Hardwood Railway Sleeper.

    When you purchase, your Softwood Sleepers are Sawn Cut to 2.4m in length.

    Garden Sleepers

    Softwood Sleepers are often used for Landscaping and will quickly Brighten up any Garden with their natural feel and look.

    Garden Sleepers are used for Raised Beds, Retaining Walls, Garden Furniture, Garden Edging and Fencing.

    Softwood Sleepers are easy to install and come in a convenient size 2400mm x100 x 200

    Your Railway Sleeper

    Our Services include ensuring your Railway Sleeper purchases arrives Safely, and we offer Free Delivery for all Orders over £100.

    Your Timber Sleepers will typically arrive on Our Transport.

    We inspect all Orders before Despatch to ensure your product arrives in the Condition you Inspect.

    Our Driver will also inspect your Railway Sleeper upon Delivery, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    We are sure you will be 100% Satisfied with your purchase, and our Customer Service and Technical Team are always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

    2.4 m Railway Sleepers Questions


    How will my Green Railway Sleepers be Delivered?  


    Our priority is to deliver your Sleepers within the Timescales Stated on our Website.  

    We will deliver your Railway Sleepers on Wade Building Supplies Transport or one of our Approved Logistic Partners. 

    Due to the Size and Weight of Railway Sleepers, you must notify us of any potential Hazards or Obstructions to a HGV Vehicle.  

    All Deliveries will be Kerbside.  


    What are Tanalised Sleepers?  


    A process known as Tanalisation means Green Railway Sleepers have gone through deep penetration treatment into the Timber Cells.  


    Tanalised Sleepers have more protection against Rot, fungi and insects, meaning a Longer Life for your Green Railway Sleepers.  


    Tanalised Railway Sleepers will initially have a Green Tinge. However, it is usual for this to fade to a Honey Shade and then Silver Grey over time.  


    This colouration adds to the character of your 2.4m Sleeper.  


    Can I still Stain and Treat Green Railway Sleepers?  


    You certainly can, and whilst Garden Sleepers are a low maintenance solution to your Outdoor Space, a Treatment at least once a year extends the life of your 2.4 m Railway Sleepers. 


    Are 2.4m Sleepers Easy to Handle?  


    The benefit of Softwood Tanalised Sleepers is they straightforward to redesign to your requirements. 


    Your Garden Sleepers will be Sawn cut and can be cut again using a Circular Saw or Handsaw.  


    Always ensure you seek out the correct advice before Cutting your Green Railway Sleepers, ensuring you have Health and Safety precautions in place, and following your equipment provider's recommended guidelines.  



    Can you Guarantee My 2.4 m Railway Sleepers will arrive in Good Condition?


    Our Warehouse Team handpick and inspect all 2.4m Sleepers before Loading them onto Transport for Shipping.  


    We are confident your Green Sleepers will arrive in the condition you expect.  


    Please ensure you inspect your Garden Sleepers when they are Delivered, and if you are not satisfied, inform the Driver, who will contact our Customer Service Team to arrange a Replacement.  


    If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding your tanalised sleepers, Our Customer Service Team are on hand to assist.