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Stonehenge Starts Lintel Repair | Lintel Failure Signs | What to Do

Restorers have arrived at the Historic Stonehenge site due to Laser Scans showing structural integrity and erosion within Mortar Joints and the Lintels.

Work is expected to take around two weeks, and Scaffolding will be erected, enabling Specialists to remove Concrete Mortar from the Structure and replace it with Lime Mortar.

The uniqueness of Stonehenge is showcased by its Lintels which was placed on the stones using Special Joints.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of workers constructed the Central Stones in 2500bc using enormous sarsen stones.

A recent Laser Survey showed that mortice holes and protruding tendons fit the Lintels to the Upright Stones.

Lintels were slotted together using Tongue and Groove

The tongue and Groove method would typically be used in woodworking projects.

Nine Lintels are due to be Repaired in full Site of Visitors to the Historic Area.

The last repairs carried out at Stonehenge was over 60 years ago when a young eight-year-old boy named Richard Woodman-Bailey placed a 1958 coin into the Mortar.

Richard, now aged 71, will place a Special commemorative 2021 coin in the new Mortar.

Once repaired, the Stones at one of the most important English Heritage Sites will continue to withstand the test of time for people from all over the world to enjoy.

Lintel Repair and Replacement

Concrete Lintels and Steel Lintels will have a long Lifespan, and we are talking decades! When fitted correctly.

Over time Lintels can still be exposed to Damp which will weaken the Structural Support of any Concrete Lintel, Metal Lintel or Timber Lintel.

The first signs of any Cracking above Window Frames or doors is a signal for some professional advice.

If your Existing Lintel is showing a need for Repair or Replacing, rest assured it will not be as complicated as the Repairs at Stonehenge!

It is alarming if you notice new cracks in your home above doors and windows.

These Cracks could be a sign of Lintel Failure.

To avoid further Structural Issues, when Lintels fail, Lintel Replacement or Lintel Repair plan should be implemented as quickly as possible.

wade building supplies | concrete lintel needing replacement

Concrete Lintels

Your Reinforced Concrete Lintel will typically be reinforced with Steel Rods.

If over time, the Concrete is exposed to Damp, it can cause weaker points in the Steel Rods due to corrosion.

First sign of this corrosion in Concrete Lintels will usually be lintel damage in the form of Cracks in the Lintel.

The majority of Lintel repair work can be carried out without removing the existing Lintel.

Typically the Lintel Repair would involve moving the Cracked Section and Repairing the Steel, and then reshaping the Concrete Lintel with fast curing Concrete.

Of course, if your Structural Engineer decides Structural Repairs are not possible, Lintel Replacement is just as Straightforward.

Concrete Lintel Replacement

Lintel Replacement Costs for Structural Repairs can range from as little as £10.48 for the Naylor ER2 Lintel.

Browse Naylor Lintels here

Steel Lintels

If your Steel Lintel has been exposed to Moisture, it could expand, which will cause cracks above Doors and Windows, which could lead to further Structural Problems.

Lintel Repair to Steel Lintels is also possible by Supplementing the existing Lintel.

In most instances, your Structural Engineer is likely to suggest Lintel Replacement as this may be cost-effective and can also be carried out with Minimum Disruption.

Steel Lintels including Cavity Wall Lintels are available here from Leading UK Manufacturers including Catnic Lintels and Birtley Lintels

wade building supplies | catnic lintel cg90 100

Lintel Replacement Cost

Your Lintel Replacement Cost will be surprisingly lower than you expect.

Considering the Importance of Lintels to your Structure, your Lintel Replacement Cost will be cost-effective and replaced quickly with little Disruption by a Lintel expert.

Lintel Repair Conclusion

Whist any Structural Signs of Damage to your Property will be a worry, Lintel Reinforcement, Lintel Repair and Lintel Replacement are not as daunting as they sound.

Before Repairing or replacing any Lintel, always ensure you seek Professional Advice from Structural Engineer or Surveyor.

If you are unsure of your next steps, speak to our Advice Centre, where our Technical Team will provide Expert Advice and Help with any Lintel Questions.


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