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Scaffold Netting | 2m x 50m

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Scaffold Debris Netting is the Perfect Solution for Scaffold Projects and Landscaping Use. 

Scaffold Debris Netting reduces the Risk of Falling Debris, causing Damage and Injury, particularly on Construction Sites. 

Use a Temporary Barrier Between or Partition Sites Access from the General Public 

Debris Netting Key Features

  • Superclad Scaffold Netting 
  • 2m x 50m 
  • 60gsm
  • Heavy Duty Mesh Netting
  • Manufactured from HDPE
  • Polyethylene Monofilaments
  • Eyelet Fixing 
  • UV Protection
  • Variable Uses 
  • Scaffold Netting 
  • Debris Nets 

Debris Netting is the ideal solution to meet Site Safety and ensure. Debris is contained on your Construction Site. 

This Scaffold Netting has variable Use, and many of our Customers also use it for; 

  • Sports or Recreational Events 
  • General Garden Netting
  • To Protect Produce 
  • Partition Sites Working Area
  • To Roof Insulation Secure 
  • Scaffold Safety Netting

Debris Netting Questions

Is the Scaffold Netting strong enough to keep Debris Contained?

Yes. The Mesh Netting is Heavy Duty, and made with UV Stabilised Polyethylene Monofilaments  and will improve safety on your Building Site protecting the Working Area and the General Public. 

Is this easy to Use in a Garden or Allotment Setting?

Many of our Customers use scaffold safety netting to protect Produce as it is more Robust and Durable, than standard lighter Domestic General Garden Netting. 

How can I use this for a Sports or Recreational Events? 

The Mesh Netting is often used to Barrier or Partition Sites, creating a Safer Environment for Participants and the General Public. 

Will the Debris Mesh Fade? 

Over time you may see some Fading dependent on where you have or are using the Debris Netting. 

The Scaffold Netting is extremely robust and made from UV Stabilised Polyethylene Monofilaments. 

As a General Rule of Thumb, if you are using your Netting in Northern Europe it should not be severely impacted for at least 5 years in Normal Weather Conditions. 




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